I UV – Questions For D’s Interview With Caleb Skinner On Project XIII – 19 June 2013

0.jpgQuestions for D’s Interview With Caleb Skinner on Project XIII

These are the questions from eternal essence embodied that Keimpe is gathering from the skype rooms for D to ask when she sits down to interview Caleb on Project XIII



so….. I have an asignment for you all. I will be interviewing Caleb in the next two days about Project XIII.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with questions that YOU want answered about Project XIII. I would like to ask for a volunteer to collect the questions so that I can put them to caleb.

oh and I talked to caleb yesterday about it for quite a while and I got to seethe phone ap and will go over to take a look a tthe desktop ap later today- it’s FREAKIN’ COOL!!!!!

[10:47:00] Keimpe : I volunteer, I have some questions, feel free to send your questions for Caleb to me privately, or email me at undifined@gmail.com
Questions from Keimpe:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH6h-Kr7kBI Billy Joel – Piano man (Lyrics)


Who are building Project 13 ? How large is your team ?


Why charge for this project ? Why do you need 20K dollar ?

Is this something we can solve, like we did for other people that needed our help ?

Not everyone has a creditcard / paypal or any financial means for that matter.


What are the system requirements ?

What technology did you use to build it ?

What kind of encryption is used ?

What is an Accommodation Party Agreement ?

Open Source:

Will you open up the source, so other can help you improve and extend the capabilities ?

When will we see the repository on github ?


Will there be instructions or a tutorial on how to use the software?

Do you have translation teams ready ?

Any Howto’s for special operations ?

====*===**====*===**====*===**====*===**====*===**sometimes about one week after Project XIII is launched? does the exchange use the structure of P13 for a secure connection?

[12:01:17] Rob : Q: Apple seem to be patenting there own digital iMoney, the may not accept your app.

What measures do you have in place?

[4:13:57 AM] sidney : do we need to prepare now and get our iphone =s or is there a ‘special’ phone needed?


Robin H.:

1. When using Silverlight, who is going to do a security analysis of the software?

2. Source code questions:

Is the package going to be kept as closed source?

A. If so, are the specifications going to be available for other programmers to write addons and plugins?

B. If going to be available for other programmers, how and when will they be available?


A question I get a lot from readers of my blog and I of course myself have asked also is about the security and privacy.

There were questions I had not yet found an answer too or they were not answered by the hard working team yet.

My question is about key loggers. They are not only programs or virus based entities but also build in keyboards

and laptops to get that way also keylogging info about your typing and passwords. This is what I think is a concern

to the security of the persons using the system. Or is there a way around that?

Also I see that if now is known there are already backdoors in programs like Windows for security agencies to get into

systems and there is also a push for agencies to have a backdoor access into programms would that compremise the privacy

and security of P13 and I-xchange.

I have no other questions about when or what as that will come as things are ready. Like android etc.etc.

I think things will become clear for the rest when launched.

Thanks for all the work in difficult circumstances and for certain if people keep expressing and pressing their needs

which makes it sometimes a not so lovely task to be doing in that light.

Thanks Caleb and team.

Love and Light,


Comment from Keimpe:

There are techniques to circumvent Keyloggers. As they often assume you enter your password in the same manner each time. That is why passwords are often encrypted with a pre-key influenced by the server. This could be supported by a Captcha.


1. What else, other than encrypted and secure communications services, can Project 13 offer us?

2. Does this system allow us to access our value, and if so, in what way?

(This is mostly asked in order to discern how a paid-for service can offer us anything of true value when most data harvesting is done for purely commercial reasons that can simply be ignored by the vast majority, since our personal details are in truth already in the public domain for the most part. Issues such as ownership of images and text stored / broadcasted on social networks being a separate matter entirely.)

3. Does the use of Microsoft Silverlight (being essentially some adapted ecma based scripting) also open the system up to back-door manipulations of any kind, and in what ways can you ease people worries over the use of what is essentially a proprietary platform?

4. We keep hearing that Project 13 is “freakin’ awesome” etc. But many people are still pretty confused about what exactly it does. Can you, in laymen’s terms, explain what the system does, and what it Will Be (rather than Might Be) used for?

5. Given that any system, even if the data is fully encrypted before transmission, might still be potentially intercepted (the data harvested at the point of entry, for instance) before that encryption takes place, what assurances can be given that the system is open transparent, and secure?

Almost all of the above questions can be wrapped up in a general:

“Tell us exactly what the system does and does not do?”

However, I feel that this may be too big a question to swallow all at once!

Kindest regards,

Ian / Data


Riki R:

What windows version will it run on? i.e windows 7/7.5/8 etc

Will the platform for ixchange be included on release or is it set to release before ixchange and how will p13 be used in conjustion with ixchange?



Last Thursday, at one of my regular cleaning jobs, my customer (the husband) asks me if I’d seen/heard about ‘Echelon’.

I said ‘Prism? Yes.’ He doesn’t know about OPPT but he knows I follow alternative media. So me thinks ‘this is a real good time to mention PXIII.’ I tell him about vexsprotocol … that led to a whole lot.


(Let’s be real clear here; I am a dumb end user, I am not a techie so I’m not gonna talk techie. I spoke to a techie who got me to focus on some things.)

HUMAN FRAILTIES or Why 2 Days is Not Long Enough For Data Holding. (based on the understanding that PXIII data holding is for 2 days and data must be accessed/downloaded

in that time or lost)


get sick/injured , Or their loved ones do, Go on holidays, Lose their phones, Kids hide the phone, Phones reach end of life/contract/credit, Fall in love/lust and spend 2 days shagging

How long did Caleb and the crew go down for?

2 days only data holding will make people even more dependent on mobile/cell phones than they are now…really? W says that 1024 bit encryption is MIGHTY. (He does database for a Patents Office)  Seriously. Please clarify? Am I understanding this correctly?


Hubert W:

Will BITCOIN be implementet into the system?



also will transfers be available to debit cards specifically or is there no difference between credit and debits?

Love and Light

Oh one more question are the transfers immediate or is there a stall time? for example using the transfer on the computer specifically as i prefer to transfer using the cpu


Mark L:

1. Mark Hoza mentioned that you would be able to use Project 13 to set up a debit card with an existing bank so that you would have money for everyday needs, to support your family, etc. How would this work?

Would mainstream banks be on-board with this?

2. Do you think that Project 13 could take on the function of other marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, etc?

3. Do you think that Project 13 could eliminate the need for things like online Job Boards?

(I say this because I envision it acting as its own financial network with the potential to provide people with everything they need, if people get clever and connect with each other in support).

4. How would you describe the I-UV Ixchange system? How does it work with Project 13?

Thanks, and God bless!


Scot R:

Hi, I was hoping to find out exactly why the original http://www.peoplestrust1776.org site was taken down. Is it permanently down from the web?



1. What does it do?

2. How do I use it to talk to other people who are not using it?

3. Can it help me retrieve my data?


Two Questions for our oh-so-giving friend, CaLeb:

1) What if one does not have a smart phone, how do we gain access?

2) Succinctly, what is the difference between Project 13 and Universal Value Exchange,

Is P13 just the tool to access I-UV?

In Eternal Love and With EverLasting Gratitude


Which features are available in the first release? Â

replaces Facebook? Â

secure email? Â

secure VOIP? Â

secure video chat (replace Skype)?

photosharing on the social media part?

replaces PayPal (I-UV and other exchange)?

Will there be an online chat feature? An instant messenger feature?

What about a replacement for Twitter?

How does search technology work within Project XIII?

I currently use StartPage for searches, which uses the Google search engine, but masks the IP address. Will Project XIII searches work like StartPage, or how will they be secure?

Will the replacement for Facebook have similar features such as portion of a page to share publicly, while other portions are kept limited to friends or completely private?

Will the social media have “groups”? Â Community pages? Â Music sharing for musicians?

Will there be secure video hosting for replacing YouTube, so videos don’t get censored/removed?

Will there be a way to download the app without going through the app store?

How long until the Silverlight version is ready for release (guestimate)?

Will you release the iPhone app independently if it doesn’t show up in the iTunes store on July 1?

Will there be replacements for Craigslist and eBay?

Will the Silverlight version run on Windows XP or older operating systems?

How long until there is a version for Android phones or Linux operating systems?

Will there be an easy way to copy stuff over from Facebook to facilitate the transition? e.g., photo albums, old posts.

Will there be an equivalent of FB events and the ability to invite friends to events?

If someone posts a link to a video outside of Project XIII, e.g., hosted on YouTube, how well does the encryption hide who posted that link, and who viewed it?

If you click a link from within Project XIII and it takes you to a website outside of Project XIII, will your IP address be masked, or do you have to have some other way of doing that?

Will there be a way to group or categorize friends or contacts, or keep notes on how you met them,?

Will there be a way to store your entire address and phone book of all your friends inside Project XIII, instead of with Google/NSA?

Will there be artificial limits on the number of friends you can have?  (Facebook blocks you from adding new friends after 5,000)

Is it on your list of future features to add, to provide secure “cloud” file hosting, i.e., replace Google Docs and Google Drive and Dropbox?

Will bitcoin be accepted as a form of payment?  What about Iraqi Dinars?

Will there be a way to pay for an account for a specific person, i.e., gift an account?

I realize we are moving towards total transparency and responsibility and accountability, and I wonder how that will work in areas where people still prefer to remain anonymous such as political forums, internet dating sites?


I have had difficulty getting this message to be sent. I write and then my browser closes. I send much love and light to Kaleb.

My questions range from practical monetary questions to community involvement.

1. Can you share the practical ways that the RV can be accessed?

a. Will we use a previous financial institution or will a new institution be created?

b. Will we have debit/credit card?

c. Will we have a w of writing checks?

2. I would like a way to find like minded people who live in my community?

3. I would like some type of world wide dialogue of people or organizations that have energy devices,

technological devices or programs to help large numbers of people.

I want to use my funds for organizations that help the greatest number of people.

I bless you and your family.



Don :

Currently life requires access to some value to participate in exchange for items like petrol, bread, furniture, etc..

We are using Federal Reserve Notes at this time. What do you see replacing the FRNs and do you feel merchants, service providers, contractors, grocery stores, car lots, etc.. will accept whatever new “representation” for value you will be providing tools for?

I am told to expect Windows Silverlight for Project 13 to come out by July 1, 2013. Will I/UV Exchange be coming out at that same time as well?

When talking with Caleb, I am looking for specific ways the tools from his self and Heather will be able to help us access our value in the 3D world while we wait for stage 3 where we are all using energetics.


Don  aka AgentX


BeWise (RTS Forum):

Why do you, Caleb and Heather, promise to create tools, set timelines, yet never follow through with your word?

How is project 13 using microsoft products when you claim all corporations are foreclosed?

Why are you charging $1 dollar a month if the (OP)PT claim is that it has foreclosed the Federal Reserve System?

How will the alleged value allow for real world exchange with the corporations you claim are forelcosed?

How will the alleged value from project 13 allow me to by food, pay my bills, and pay rent?

How is project 13 going to be secure when you using existing platforms which demonstrate lack of security?

Also Caleb, you filed UCC paperwork back in 2011 and on behalf of yourself claiming 5 billion in the filings did you ever recieve the $5 billion you claimed?

Why do you use the vex protocols as the foundation of project 13 philosophy?

When you say, “my data belongs to me”, what type of data are you refering to?

Is it the data that people will be posting?

How will project 13 improve the lifes of those who do not have access to the interent or technology because this type of person represents those who need the most help?

How can you refer to the UCC filings on the project 13 website when OPPT has been shutdown as well as the UCC filings?

Why cant you and heather never answer a direct question or provide real answers?

Simplicity is elegance, simplicity is God.

Why have you lied to all the world claiming all corporations have been foreclosed?


www.i-uv.com / link to original article

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