Kauilapele – Sometimes BEing An Energy Workers Is SO NOT Easy – 19 June 2013


Cookie (up close) and Lakai… my feline brothers
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I did not know I would write anything about my former house-cat-mates, Cookie and Lakai. But today I was hit by the memory of having them around at my house in Captain Cook, and touching them, and hearing them purr, and having them roll on their backs when I talked with them and petted them.

This afternoon I’ve been working at the house, pretty much all day, and doing things I have not usually done (like cut grass with a weed whacker). And then I think back on these two beings, wonderful beings to me. And I’ve been crying for maybe the past two hours.

I told myself I would “remember them fondly”, and not “miss them”. But I do. I know this will pass. But I miss them… very much… right now… in this now moment.

Here I am (currently near Mt. Shasta) and I’m out where I truly felt called to be, doing what I know was mine, and only mine, to do (and be). Here… at Shasta. The move seems to have gone so fast, and all the obstacles were removed. The Guidance was clear.

It’s just that these two beings have been such an intimate part of my life for the past 3 1/2 years… it was very “hard” the last few days there, knowing that I was leaving, and them knowing that I was leaving. And perhaps not wanting me to go.

Sometimes this Light Work, Energy Work, whatever you call it, feels like it really sucks. Big time. And now is one of those.

In the end, this too shall pass. And I will be BEing where I am required to BE. And assist this planet in ascending, as I ascend (and all that metaphysical stuff).

I still miss my brothers, though. Cookie and Lakai. They will always be with me, in Spirit (but I sure would like to have them close to me right now).

Thank you for any Light and Love you might send my way. I’m feeling a bit alone (in a cat missing sense) right now.

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