Sophia Love – Time To Get To The Core – 19 June 2013

Time to get to the Core

Now you get right down to it.  You reach back and peel off the layers of habit and falsehood.  Underneath you’ll expose the parts of you hidden.  It is those most concealed and quiet aspects that are called for now.

Until today you’ve believed they didn’t matter.  I tell you this.  These most powerful and effective traits are found in those places you’ve been convinced were bad.  There is no such thing as a bad ability.  There are only those abilities the “owners” could not contain, were labeled “wrong”, and thus punished.  Let go of judgment and be.

Who you are is so much more than you’ve realized or been able to express.  We are unlimited beings constrained by a system of lies.  These began from your earliest moments.  The fullness of you has not seen the light of day.  Be gentle as she emerges.  He is unclear on how to express himself.

From the start you had to be convinced you were less than complete.  How else would you have been manipulated?  You were told you needed correcting and to follow the rules.  You felt always as if you were looking for something.  You looked to your “authorities” to supply it.  They convinced you that they held all the answers.  They do not.  Their answers serve only their agenda.  Their success depends on your subservience.

What you’ve been looking for is you. She’s right here, waiting and ready.  He is tapping his foot now, getting a bit impatient.  Why have you been in the closet?  Lack of acceptance, forgiveness, freedom or unconditional love keeps you hidden.  You are judging yourself.

Complete enslavement requires no gatekeepers.  We will control our own movements, thank you very much.  Fear does the job quite nicely.

Exuberance, passion, ecstatic expression and love with wild abandon all emit an unstoppable force.  Excitement, joy and uncontrollable laughter alter consciousness.  Orgasm takes us momentarily someplace else that cannot be controlled. Each of these has been labeled in an attempt to diminish their frequency and effect.  It is time to set them free and allow them unrestricted access to our everyday. We have an inborn ability to know what serves us.

Refuse to judge any part of you emerging.  You are approaching integration.  Understand that we are taking back control of the planet as well as ourselves – this is a very big deal.  Every part of you is God.  All experiences, memories and actions have conspired to bring you to this moment.  Every part of you has accepted the task at hand.  Call them forth in the days ahead and reclaim your magnificence.  Everything is right with you.

Accept and operate from truth.  Be who you are.  Decide what serves you and you will discover a love unleashed that will surprise and delight and enrich all of life.

It’s all okay.  In fact, it’s perfect.  Nothing about you is a disappointment.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia / link to original article

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