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Carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders is a function of the old world. If we are still doing it we have not shifted our perspective on life. We must still be stuck in the muck and mire of 3D. Part of entering the new world is learning how to maneuver our way through life more easily by not getting caught up in ego dramas and the rules and regulations of the old world. We hopefully have learned how to avoid ego dramas by now. No judgment, no assumptions, watching what we say and think, no expectations of how things should be, but rather learning how to flow with what is and accepting it. This is just one of the ways to know whether you have moved ahead or not. Life is only overwhelming when we get bogged down in the dramas and don’t know how to get out or blame everything on others. Part of our shifting is to accept responsibility for our own lives now. It is nobody’s fault but our own. We have the choice how we wish to live our life.

I am wondering how many of us are finding living right now very trying. Lets face it, these times are abusive and disparaging and violent, yet I see many floating downstream with all that is. Are you somewhat amazed at how easily life becomes when you follow the guidance of the spirit and Gaia? We have practiced and learned for so long now, have you even stopped a moment to realize how little effort it takes to maneuver through life’s mine field now? We know the agreements we have made to live our lives by, we’ve adopted them with love and put them into practice and began to teach other. It is quickly spreading through the world and hopefully one day not too far off we will witness a world guided by love and compassion. Having done this ourselves I think most of us can see it works. Life flows effortlessly when steered by love and a caring for all.

Life is a massive dichotomy right now. A world of opposites of the extreme. We have the masses waking up and crying out for peace and love in the world and we have the dark control of oppression and violence. Much like a cold front bumping up against a warm front, we are bound to see a storm emerge with thunder and lightning. Oil does not mix with water and love does not mix with hate. We are being squeezed up against the wall where we must decide what we will do. We cannot avoid this dilemma forever. Confrontation is expected on some level. Freedom has never been won without loss. Are we making our voices heard these days in opposition to what is going on? We need to do this. Sitting quietly and saying nothing will only get our cell door slammed and locked. There is no need for violence of any kind, it will not be tolerated, but we must make our voices heard by all.

If we can look upon this battle we are in the middle of as exciting, as signs of the end and the beginning of our beginning, everything becomes possible. Always view the world through the eyes of hope. We will pull this off, the universe is counting on us and we are counting on each other. We have been gifted the opportunity to evolve humanity and change the world forever. Wow! That is huge. We signed on to this venture and should feel great gratitude as I am sure millions of others in the universe wanted the opportunity to partake in this battle as well. We should feel honored that we have been chosen to complete this task eons in the making. We are here, now let’s get things done!

Blessings to us all,

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