BBCNews – Matt McGrath – UK Public Must Be Persuaded On GM, Says Environment Secretary – 20 June 2013

gm crop(Lucas : It seems the Monsanto NO was not good enough for this chap. People could get furious about the stupidity of this GM food lobby talk by Owen Patterson. Maybe we should investigate if there are money streams from the GMO lobbyist and companies  to this Secretary  Of Environment. It seems that common sense and people’s no is not good enough for politicians as well as evidence of severe health risks. There is no choice in food if GM food takes over the natural food production by polluting the genetically sound natural food crops. Also the  weed and insect killing chemicals the GMO plants are made resistent to create by patent and usage in combination with the patented GMO crop a monopole for the developers and producers . It makes by doing so a total GMO overtake of the  normal sound natural food chain possible. Where is the sanity if studies over the world show GM foods to be making sick and court rulings in multiple countries have provided evidence next to scientific evidence for a sound ground for a total ban on the GM food crops.  Where is choice in NOT telling people what they eat? Where is choice in telling people what to eat or use due to codex alimentarius and agenda 21 and other forced upon us rules or allowed monopolies by you governments? It seems the free market thought is only free if people get that what monopolists and multinationals force upon you . The governments keep shielding those corporations as they are just also nothing else than corporations, if you did not know yet. Wake up! )

While there have been several field trials, only two GM crops have been approved for commercial growing in the EU

The government has a duty to explain the benefits of genetically modified crops to the British people, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is to say.

In a speech today, he will argue that GM has significant benefits for farmers, consumers and the environment.

The UK and Europe risk being left behind unless the technology is embraced, he will say.

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