Youthemeus – Winter Solstice And Full Moon – Beautiful Gaia – 20 June 2013

Beautiful GaiaBeautiful Gaia,

Wild and untamed, free and unclaimed.

You hold us like a mother should.

Beautiful Gaia,

Wide and yet deep, vast and so steep.

Guiding us towards our greater good.

Beautiful Gaia,

Awake or in slumber, gifts beyond number.

Nurture us, birth us into this coming Spring.

Beautiful Gaia,

Ever faithful and true, being born anew.

Your promises full of the life you bring.

Bold Gaia, Brave Mother,

We honour the name that you hold.

Brave Gaia, Bold Mother,

Giving thanks for gifts untold.

Fierce Gaia, Gentle Mother,

Abundance and life from the soil.

Gentle Gaia, Fierce Mother,

Your children rejoice in their toil.

So Gaia, our Sacred Mother, we greet the long night in your name.

And Gaia, our Faithful Mother, we call forth Spring from thy eternal flame.

With our thoughts and in our deeds,

We draw your goodness near.

Blessed Gaia, help us meet our needs,

Now and throughout the year.

Here, within this circle of Holy Light,

We call forth all good things to come.

Through love and with our magical sight,

We call all our Higher Selves home.

( Lucas : For us in the northern hemisphere of the earth it is the summer solstice as it is the winter solstice for those in the southern hemisphere.) link to original article


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