Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Meanwhile – 21 June 2013

gods20handGod said:

The word meanwhile is a stop-gap. There is no meanwhile. There is no interim. There is no pause.

On the other hand, We can say that all of human life is nothing but a stop-gap, an interim, a pause.

We could better say that life itself is infinite and unbound to time. You are living Infinity and Eternity. In human life, the Oneness of Flow is broken up into millions and billions of pieces called time when Infinity is in one fell swoop. Infinity is perpetual, is instant. It is Nothingness.

Truly, there is nothing to regret, nothing to mourn, nothing to repent, for nothing ever happened. Life on Earth seems to have happened, and, yet, you have bought a bill of goods. You latched on, so to speak, to the tail of a comet. You are supposedly on a roller-coaster ride when anything and everything is a mirage right before your eyes. Sometimes a mirage of an oasis, sometimes a mirage of a dry land and parched throat and a yearning for something you don’t know quite what, only that you have to have it. It is to you as though you have lost something and must find it.

Why, yes, in terms of life on Earth, you have lost something and what you are experiencing isn’t real. Deep down you know that. During the most pleasant dreams and during the worst fears, you know that life, as you know it, isn’t true. You know there is something more, and the something more is true, and you want it. You want to regain that something more that you somehow misplaced somewhere along the line.

It seems like a long line you have traveled, and now I try to tell you it is not a line at all, long or short. It is not even a dot. You have been in the radiant Sun all along. You have never been anywhere. It seems like you have been in a long sleep, and, yet, beloved, and yet you have had one eye open, and you have been aware of what is true and what is not, and then you forgot again. You forgot what is beneath the surface world that you hold onto so tightly.

Beloveds, you think too much about some things, and you forget too much about others.

Ah, yes, this is the way of the world. You feel the Earth beneath your feet, and, yet, the rest of you is surrounded by mist, by a fog, by a cloud that seem to keep you so far from realizing Truth. And what is the Truth but your Self, or My Self, however you like to put it.

The difference between this imagined you and the real Me is that I remember, and the you, the you that you think you are, forgets. You can’t quite fathom Who You Really Are. It does seem like grand fiction, a lovely fantasy that can’t possibly be so, and, yet, I maintain that it is so. Know Me, and know your Self.

Meanwhile, during this non-existent meanwhile, you search for what you believe is I, God, while I attempt to tell you what is what. What is what is that you and I are One, and that’s it. That’s what you search to know. You want to experience it. How you want to experience Our Oneness, and yet, the concept eludes you. It is right here, on the tip of your tongue. You almost feel its bursting forth, yet not quite. You are almost there. You can almost touch the horizon of Truth, yet not quite, not quite yet, but soon, beloveds. Soon you will have reached the Kingdom of God that resides within you, and then you will say, “I AM.” / link to original article


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