AscensionPioneers – Getting Out Of Our Comfort Zone – 22 June 2013

Uploaded  on 22 June 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are moving beyond our comfort zone so much! I was especially experiencing this during my Mountain getaway, when I was all by myself in perfect solitude, peace and magical joy from within to without. Do You feel this immense sense of New, and how the old ways are simply naturally falling away? I used to overwork myself quite often, or I used to push myself a lot. Now I just let it all Be, as I know that I can only do as much as I can handle in that moment. The rest is taking care of itself naturally. And I AM only truly responsible for myself and my own inner happiness. This has strengthened for me a lot during this Solstice week. There is also an expansive sense of huge new beginnings, and it feels really good, but non attached or including any sort of expectations … just letting it all flow!

When I was in the Mountains, I had an interesting dream, which carried a profound symbolism of my personal maturity and moving beyond my childish patterns. I no longer need to be in a relationship that is not in my Self alignment and non fulfilling for my Soul. I also no longer have the need to go into an experience because of other people’s feelings, because I need to consider my own first. Many times in my life, I have cared “too much” about others, and I prioritized their feelings and words over my own. I carried their stuff and their “burdens.” I no longer do this. I have stepped into my adulthood, especially during my Saturn’s return this year. I have to allow others to experience whatever they wish to experience, but I need to choose my own experiences, and only those that suit me. The dream was so peaceful and so loving, as I had no difficulty in saying “No” and walking away. The other segment of the dream about the old doors being closed showed me that a huge chapter (as big as my apartment building) is ending, and a new one is beginning. There was a new doorway, signaling a new entrance, a new passageway. I AM creating a completely new experience for myself. Open sesame, we are ready!

Within Divine Love, Polona

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