Steve Rother – Expecting A 3rd Dimensional Reality Within The 5th Dimension – 22 June 2013

steverotherGreetings from Home, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time

Expecting a 3rd Dimensional Reality within the 5th Dimension

It is time to start revealing some of what lies ahead for all of you who stepped willingly and gleefully into this future. You expected the greatest possibilities and you have experienced all the challenges necessary to clear the energy and make that step. Now you are looking around trying to catch your reflection and it is very difficult. The world has changed. You have changed as well, as you are discovering. You are just now anchoring your energy.  It makes no difference what your gifts are, and you no longer feel passionate about the same things as you used to. They are not returning the energy that you used to put into them, for the world has changed…literally. The simplest way to perceive this is to recognize that you have moved fully into the fifth dimension. However, you are still trying to use your limited three dimensions in the fifth dimensional reality. You are waking up in the morning looking at everything exactly as you left it the night before, searching for your passion and your place in the universe. But you are not seeing it. What is taking place is causing a panic on planet Earth. It is a very quiet panic that has not yet hit the front pages of your newspapers, but it has the effect of causing everyone to doubt themselves a bit.

Now that is actually as it should be, because what you are very quietly discovering is that the world has changed. It has shifted very drastically and you are starting to see a new perception of yourself. However, just as in the old third dimension you only had a limited view. Consider the very simple expressions of height, width and depth, which in effect is the third dimensional reality.  Suddenly you have the added dimensions of time and space, enabling you to see an overview of everything for perhaps the first time. It is truly what happens when beings move between dimensions, but you must also understand this has very rarely happened anywhere in the universe. This is not the norm; the norm would be to wipe out 99% of the life forms and start again over a very long period of time.

Now, you have awakened from the dream. At this moment, most of you are looking around and realizing that something is different. Some of you may be experiencing this wonderful human panic that we love to see, for often this energy momentarily brings you Home.  You start searching for answers, which we always find very curious and we love that part of it. What happens is that you start to ground yourself in a new way in this new world.  In the past, most of your grounding has been of the physical body because that is the part of the Earth that is the dust that you have breathed life into with your spirit.

Living in the Age of NO MORE SECRETS!

The world has changed and you are acclimating on an individual as well as on a collective basis. All of your collectives, whether you consider that a group of friends, a corporation, , a religion or a government, must go through these changes. The way that the collectives anchor on the new side will determine what happens going forward, for many will not be able to fully anchor. If there are integrity problems with internal vibrations, they will come to the surface very quickly. Challenges that previously would have taken years to develop in a collective group will now come to the surface very quickly. It will almost seem as if there is little time to adjust. Yes, certain collectives will fall apart; they will not make the transition, yet others will. All of you will learn the secrets of looking at yourself in a new way, for that is the aspect of what you are going through now and learning to do.  Learning to live in the age of No More Secrets will be challenging for many.

Now, why has it changed so drastically? What are the aspects that are no longer felt in the same way? There has been energy on Earth that all of you have anchored your hearts into, and that is the part that has been released. You did it! It was not done for you, it was done by YOU. It was done with your permission and by your asking for it. What has happened is that now all of the things that you have given power to will not reflect your power in the same way as before. Some of these may be belief systems or relationships, or it may be the way you see yourself expressed in the world through a job or whatever it is you do in the world. All of these passions need to be re-evaluated at this point. You have given your power to so many things. You are creator beings, but you cannot see that for it is part of the veil that keeps you from seeing all of it. That energy of creation has increased in all of you, but you have not been able to fully anchor it yet; everything looks the same. You understand that you are only five months away from this transition which you have come through. Because you are still acclimating all the pieces that are falling around you, finding your place during these transitionary times is very challenging. This is where we ask you to connect to one another for support. We will be working with this over a period of time, as well.

There have been energy fields on planet Earth activated throughout the ages, many of which were originally created by the pyramids themselves. Pyramids are generators, but not “active” in the way you would think of such as generating electricity, but by what we would consider very primitive methods. Energy is all around you in every moment and it simply must be transmuted into a usable form. That is what the pyramids did for a very long time, for their whole purpose was to create an energy grid which would feed the earth, including humans, with life force energy. An active, thriving energy was created; everything and everyone was fed by it. Additionally this grid also has protected the Earth from comets and asteroids for much longer than you know, allowing life to evolve to its present state. Many places where you see pyramids today may seem somewhat barren. However, when the generator was in full working order it brought life-force energy from Earth and distributed it in a beautiful network that allowed everyone on Earth to tap into it. Yes, of course, the energy would be the strongest around their base, which was usually a good place to grow food. Although most felt rejuvenated and many came for exactly that, few lived in the immediate surroundings as the energy was too high to exist in on a continual basis.  This energy was so beautiful that it brought the essence to Gaia, herself. Although this force has been shut off to some degree, the network is still in place and that is the beautiful part. Together we will all be working on connecting our hearts through this same network that used to protect the Earth.. It is the energy that has changed; the network on earth had been shut down some time ago and left with only the weak, yet effective, protection grid that was still in place until recently. Today, humanity is on the verge of no longer needing the protection grid so it did not re-connect after moving through the portal. With the protection grid down, it is also possible to re-seed the earth.

The Lemurian Energy Reservoir

Soon we will show that you can use this disconnected grid for your heart energy. In fact, there are many aspects of this that you can use. We will share with you the story shared a long time ago, dear ones. It was known as the Lemurian Energy Reservoir. It is a very simple concept and all of you can use this every day of your life, if you will just use it. This was a very sacred space, and although it does not exist within your dimension it stores energy perfectly. Most of you think of storing electricity in  batteries and capacitors. It would be a similar type of energy, but it is very large and it has been used by many beings throughout the universe. The only time it was ever used on planet Earth was in the days of Lemuria, where they knew how to anchor it and use it consciously. Today humanity is moving into the time of no more secrets which is a self-correcting system that will lead to the age of Empowerment.

This is a place where each and every one of you can balance your own individual energy, when you make contact with it during your meditations. You will find that space and representations of similar spaces within your physical world as well. In other words, it is a place that feels comforting and really good to you. It does not matter where it is – it could be a sacred space, a small corner of a room, or even a bathroom – as long as it rejuvenates you. Find those spaces where you can use them. Here is the key: all humans have variations in energy that are very difficult for you to control. At any given moment you will find all this energy coming in and you are not able to ground it, for the energy simply must go through you into something else. So, this is what you can do during those times when you are full of energy practically glowing, almost as if sparks are coming out of your eyes. Take a moment and think about that sacred space, then send that extra energy to the Lemurian Energy Reservoir and it  is held for you and for everyone who deposits energy into it. Of course, there are all of those human times that you are aware of. The times when you know you are going to run out of energy, or you are having what you simply call a bad day. Oh yes, we have watched you. Have all the bad days you wish, dear ones, for it is a beautiful human experience from our perspective. We do not judge it as good or bad, it is simply a beautiful human experience. Please understand that in those moments when you are uncomfortable in the physical body because of a lack of energy, you can draw from the reservoir. Return to your sacred space if you need, or  just visualize it in your mind and pull up the energy from the reservoir. It will work in a similar way to electricity that is temporarily stored in batteries on the earth. You can do the same with physical energies on many different levels. Over the next several months, we will all be building an energy network where we can utilize the framework that is already in place.

Dear ones, for a long time this energy network was protecting your Earth. This is one of the reasons you have had such a long stretch of your evolution. There are many meteors and comets that would come in and cause re-sets of planet Earth.  Sometimes they wiped out most of the life forms on planet Earth so that it could re-set and start over again. Then there came a time that you could be protected, which is where the pyramids came from. It was originally an energy network, but of course it did not arrive all at once but was built over many long periods of time. Even though the original instructions were lost, the pyramids built after that were fairly close and some were even able to interact with the original grid.  So, for thousands of years after the original pyramids were built, there was a network that protected you as it allowed Earth and life on it to evolve in many different aspects. Then there were the times that the beings that helped you create the network left. Please understand that they did so out of the greatest of love. Obviously, this technology is beyond what you have experienced on Earth. We love that you humans always think you are at the top of the evolutionary spiral. It is a beautiful illusion that humans always expand, and we love it because it is perfect for you. It fits, so to speak.

Through the Portal

Obviously, there are beings all over the universe. And there are beings on your Earth that you know nothing about, with dimensions of time and space that also exist. There are microbial units that you still have not found that will all be arriving on Earth in different ways. The most important part of all of this is you, for you are the ones that carry most of the spirit from Home. Although you can look into the face of a dog, cat, or animal of any kind, and you can see a spirit because that consciousness is represented in all forms of life—even the cockroaches that roam on the ground. Oh, you did not like that one did you? We placed you in the same category as cockroaches and you are not happy. We will learn, too. But the idea is this: evolution. You made it! You did not have to die this time and are not simply part of the 1% that remained, for all of you made it and you stepped into something consciously. Do not expect it to be the same as your previous evolutionary cycles. Of course, it will be more direct. You have walked into a new dimension with your eyes wide open. You cannot quite figure out what you are seeing yet, but you are very close. All we ask you to do is to keep your mind open, for human minds are like traps. They love to grasp things and put them into little boxes with names and dates on them, then put them in a timeframe and store them somewhere in your beautiful brain. We ask you to be patient with that, because much of what you are starting to understand is still in an evolutionary cycle. In only a few days you will probably see it slightly differently than you are seeing it now. This is the time of change that all of you have both dreaded yet looked forward to. You have made it, but now what do you do? That is the question. How do you anchor your spirit in the here and now?

Each of you will find different ways to do this. You will be given guidance and find that your heart has carried a passion all of your life in different areas, but for us rather than yourselves. That is your directed purpose on Earth and what you have agreed to experience. So, when some of you walk up to your passion and say, “Oh, this is too much fun. I must do some work and not just having fun.” And we say that it took all of this energy to get you to your passion and now you want to do something else. Embrace it, dear ones. You do not have to keep your work energy separate from your passion any longer. You are grand beings living in the fifth dimension. You can have it all, and you can have it all now. Yes, we know many of you are experiencing challenges. You have set your goals and stepped one foot in front of the other aiming toward those goals. Then suddenly everything shifted and your goals are in one direction and your momentum in another. Power was never in the goal, but power was in the step you made toward it. You can always change that direction, in any moment in any time. It is the planet of free choice and that will never be taken from you, dear ones. You can even choose to not play the game if you wish, it is entirely up to you. But once you step forward, we will take you seriously and place the wind at your back so that you can accomplish what you came to do. Now is the time: the world has changed and you are awakened from the dream.

I will step aside for just a moment to bring my crazy brother in. He will simply not let me finish this without coming in, so I will do that now.

I am the Keeper of Time.

There you are (wiping his eyes). I am Elrah and you know me. I had to come in and give you one of my grand smiles. There you go. Not good? That is pretty good. Most of you smiled back and that is the most important part. I got your heart, you know that? When you smile really big, your heart lights up and that is the beautiful part about it. I do not need to add anything to the message that you have received, except for one important piece.

Whenever you become lost and you cannot quite re-member who you are, just smile your way Home. Your heart knows the way and it will always protect you. You are playing a beautiful game. It is almost like we turned you lose in the back yard and you cannot get hurt out there—everything is all taken care of for you, so you just go out there and play.

Sure, there are things we would rather you not do. But we know you are human and we know you are going to do it all anyway, so go right ahead. The only piece we are going to ask you not to do is to judge yourself, for that is like slapping god in the face. Think about it. Think about it thoroughly.

You are given all these messages and then the moment you say, “I do not think I can do it. I do not think I am good enough,” then all the energy it took to get you to that beautiful message has been stripped away and it takes a while to build it back up. You want to talk about the dark energies and negativity on planet Earth? Choose not to do that because it is just as harmful as self-doubt.

All we are trying to do is give you a little bit of spiritual confidence, so you can walk around with it and dare to make mistakes. You do not have to be perfect, for you are on the planet! You can be perfect when you re-turn Home, so do not worry about it. Go out and make lots of good mistakes now, then we will catch up with you later and to share them, okay?

It is with the greatest of honor that we share with you in this way. We ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect, because you are looking into the eyes of god. The other part is to re-member this is a brand new game you are playing. You can make it what you want. Play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.

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