AdaptingToGrace – Networking With The Heart – 23 June 2013

HeartLakeA quote was taken from this message in my last post. Here is the message in its entirety.

Transmission January 2, 2011

The heart is connected to all that is natural, universal law, wholeness – not only on Earth but throughout your universe. So when one awakens, what this means is… the heart has become activated, or active within this network or grid.

There are many ways for the heart opening to occur – almost as many ways as there are human beings – and there is a universal movement, a cyclical movement occurring at this time that will help you to move into this. In other words, resistance to love, to the heart, to universal wisdom, will become less and less possible. For the structured world that you have created from the intellect alone will dissolve and fade when the frequencies of love, of beauty, of grace, begin to penetrate what humanity once thought was THE reality. It is not THE reality. It is but one reality that can be created with fragmented consciousness. This is what is coming to a close. It will no longer be possible to be a fragment.

We are here simply to encourage you to consciously embrace the rest of yourselves. And while it may be quite frightening at times, and threatening to your mind, to your intellect, once the reversal takes place from smallness – from limitation to expansion into the truth of who you are – it is a joyful process of rebuilding your lives on Earth from a foundation that is whole… that is true. And so many of you have no idea what this might look like. Imagination is available to begin to perceive what might be possible, but the real effort now for humanity is to remain present, spontaneous and open to the possibilities that love brings. Do not be afraid of love.

While we understand that initially fear may arise in the presence of universal love, we encourage you to begin to practice your discernment in your lives, to discern what is real and what is unreal. Your bodies will be your greatest tool in these times – to know, to discern what you need to know when you need to know it, which path to take, which community to align with. It is not to say that the rebuilding of your communities will be perfect. Do not project that it must be and look like your version of perfect in order to be “spiritual”, for in the past you have had a unique habit of creating from where you have been to where you think you are headed. These are simple compartments of the mind – the past and the future. You are the present point. You, your bodies, and your heart are the bridge between past and future. Stay in the present and you will find all the answers to all the questions. Accept what is in any given moment and you will be fine.

You will reach a place where you will no longer have questions and you will no longer require answers, for there will no longer be a past and a future for the the question and the answer to reside within. You will know. And you will build your lives, your communities, your homes, on the foundation of the truth of who you are – your universal identities. And again, while we understand that there may be fear along the way, there is also the great joy in rediscovering who you are – not in relation to the human world that you have created and the context of the human world, but in the context of the universe. The foundation and your stage are transforming because you are transforming.

Are you ready for this? You are coming to a place where each and every one of you will no longer be able to deny that this is occurring, for you will feel the frequencies within your bodies, and your bodies are connected to the Earth and the Natural World. When you play with your ideas in the intellect and you attach to the words and the knowledge of the past, you are able to continue to deny the truth of who you are, for you have all become quite accomplished in the denial of love in your reality. Love is returning. And while love is beautiful, love is the creative force of the universe and sometimes, in your fragmented world, it will appear to destroy. For love does not know dis-ease, disruption, imbalance. Love IS balance. And when love is present it brings all to balance. So yes, there is a seeming disruption, distruction, of what you have created that is not founded upon what is real or true. This will fall away. You do not need to fall with it, for you are not of that. You are of love.

There is no going back, there is no return to the density that you had previously adapted to. For once these frequencies fill you, the re-identification with this frequency begins. And the adapting to grace IS your life. It is a full reversal – from fragment… from pieces of consciousness to wholeness. It is not possible to return to the fragment once the frequency is felt in the heart and in the physical body – one and the same for human experience on earth. The heart connects physical to spiritual. It is the bridge. The body is a spiritual partner for you on Earth for it is connected to the Natural World. Once activated, it will not allow the return to smallness.

So allow your selves, your consciousness to re-identify with love, with the heart, with what is real, what is true. Begin to practice communion with your heart and you will easily adapt and practice communion with all that resides in the natural world. Welcome home. You are not alone. Know this every step of the way. Build your communities now. Support each other in this transformation. You have access to this network of friends and family that are not currently in the form that you are, and in the reality that you have created, and yet we are able to reach you because more and more of you now are operating in the heart – the heart’s wisdom. This is why you are able to hear and perceive these messages. At the same time, know that you have access to this directly if you choose. And you have access to each other for support, encouragement, and comfort. It is a joy. Remember this. This is about adapting to joy, to love, to the universe. Thank you for hearing this, for welcoming the rest of yourselves so that we may commune and encourage and celebrate YOU. Good day. link to original article


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