Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Have All The Ingredients – 23 June 2013

gods20handGod said:

What do you need? Questions often asked in one form or another are: “What do you need to make an omelet? What do you need at the store? Are you out of coffee?”

Often your questions are about possible vacancies, about what may be missing, about what may be used up, what may be lacking, what must be filled. So is it often in life.

“Where is the hammer? Where did you put the salt? Where are the keys?”

And when is another question. “How soon, soon enough?”

How you want to hear: “Right now, this minute, before the clock ticks again.”

You don’t want to hear: “Sometime, anon.”

All these questions that have to do with time and space or absence thereof.

You don’t favor conjecture. You don’t favor eventuality. You favor acceleration. “How long will it take?” is a tiresome question to you. You favor immediacy.

You favor: “This minute. Now.” You don’t favor later or sometime. Patience doesn’t figure in. You are not to be kept waiting.

I have the patience of God.

Of course, patience isn’t putting up with something. Patience is seeing in a different light. When impatience is gone, what is left but patience? Walk at an even pace, and you will be even-paced. If you want to be muscular, use your muscles.

Consider patience a muscle. You don’t object to exercising. You do it for a purpose. Certainly, life gives you many opportunities to be unfettered and to settle down into patience.

Impatience is peremptory. Impatience gives obeisance to time. Patience is obeisance to timelessness. In Eternity, there is neither patience nor impatience. When you come down to it, where would you rather be than in Eternity? The case is that you are in Eternity. That’s your whole story. That’s the synopsis, not all this other stuff of who did what and why. All except Eternity and Infinity might as well be gossip.

What are your heart and mind concerned about? They need no concern, for all is well.

With or without, all is well. With a lot or with little, all is well.

Have the certain knowledge that you have everything. If bread is not made, you have the ingredients. You are the wherewithal, beloveds. Yes, I AM, and you are too. Within yourself is the way to everything. What do you need, beloveds? What do you want?

You want peace of mind. You want love in your heart. Who can give you these? I can, and you can. Or perhaps a stranger can. In every case, regardless of the apparent means, you and I provide. It is said that I provide. This is true, yet I can only provide with your permission. I can only provide with your acceptance. How many times have I offered, yet what I offered may not have looked like what you were asking for. Look again, beloveds.

Are your eyes bigger than your provisions?

Perhaps now is a good time to think of giving, not of sacrifice but of giving. Have you seen giving as sacrificing? If you have one egg, find out what a pleasure it is to nourish another. Think less of keeping or saving and more of giving, and everyone will find out that there is enough for all.

In one sense, you can toss away your lists of needs, and simply acquire them through your giving. There is no end to what giving acquires.

And yet give without thought of return, for giving with return in mind is not giving. It is bartering, if only in your own mind. Giving a tit for tat is not giving. You do see that now.

There is enough for all. Start giving. When your hands are full, where is room for more? Empty your arms, and then there is room for more, yet your arms are to empty in order to give, not to gain, and gain your will. For starters, you will know how good it feels to truly give. link to original article

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