AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Dear Chaco, Come What May – 24 June 2013

chacoI am responding to you

My answer is ‘yes’

I will meet you where hearts

And dimensions intersect

You came to me so long ago

In my little sandbox

Near the blossoms

And the persistent sound

Of single-minded honey bees

Later in life

You materialized

And the whole hive took flight

A determined start

To this mind-blowing journey

Deep inside my spine

And up to my

Three-eyed heart

I hated you for that

I’m sorry

But I’m back

Full-circle yearns

To touch

End to end

Where it explodes into

Beginnings again

My answer is “yes”

I will arrive by day

But the night is for

Love’s blending

The stars will come out to play

With my body, Gaia

Come what may

em 6/22/13

This poem came spontaneously after “agreeing” to a trip to Chaco Canyon – an ancient and sacred NM site. This will occur in a physical timing yet to be determined. It is my response to a dream-vision message and invitation earlier this month from my lifelong visitors from the stars.  Dreams and highly unique sensations in my body are how they give me a ‘heads up’ before contact. All signs are present. All of this began in childhood and has continued to now. It feels like (and I do have a personal hope) that more of this life will make sense after this meeting in Chaco. Very few people in my circles know of my “foreign relations” throughout my life. Today, I invite you in. No promises for exciting or dramatic outcomes. It is what it is.   ~ Eileen / link to original article


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