John Ward – More Sauce From Boris, So Let’s Hava A Gander – 24 June 2013

bojogrrrBoris Johnson, seen here in his natural bent position

There’s an absolute belter of hyper-hypocrisy from Mayor Borisconi in the Telegraph this morning, on the subject of ‘misleading Green data’. To translate from the impenetrable ancient Greek put out by his Mayoralness in the column:

‘….these so-called weather forecasters and climate change buffs have the unbelievable effrontery to announce that they got it all wrong. They now think that we won’t have 10 years of blistering summer heat; on the contrary, it is apparently going to be 10 years of cold and wet….’

Hufty-Buftington-Tufty Harrumph effrontery Left-wing poppycock and so forth. All vintage BoJo stuff, with just the one hint of irony: it was Mayor Boris Johnson and his crooked arsehole chum Tim Yeo who sexed up the emission improvements on taxis being sold by Yeo into London. It was Mayor Johnson who pushed through the resultant utterly corrupt legislation to force taxi-drivers to buy Tim’s squeaky-clean taxis….and now has the effrontery not to fess up in the face of damning evidence against Yeo’s taxis….evidence showing that his emissions are worse than the old taxis. And let me tell you friends, you wouldn’t want to be around when Tim Yeo has an emission….especially if you’re a lady constituent, ahem. In the face of such crony-capitalist ordures, this particular extract from today’s Sarkygraph has to take the biscuit….for BoJo claims that GW hysteria caused lots of South Eastern suburbanites to waste their money on swimming pools:

‘In the past 10 years there have been plenty of middle-class punters who have decided that they want a touch of Beverly Hills about their homes….there was an extra spur – the new and unanswerable imperative to find a way of keeping wet and cool….They saved up, and they remortgaged, and they got in the diggers…they were fools! Fools who believed that the global warming soothsayers really meant what they said or that they had a clue what the weather would be in the next 10 years.’

Possibly they were, Mayor Johnson. But we all have the free will to judge in such matters, whereas your ill-met Taxi drivers were forced – by law and by you – to remortgage and buy new taxis so your bent MP friend could get just a little bit richer on their backs. And it was a total waste of their money.

Most politicians have brass necks, but Boris Johnson is 98% constructed from tungsten…with a wafer-thin sliver of fool’s gold sprayed on top.  Deep down however -right at the heart of Borisconi – there is a steaming turd.

I’ve almost given up telling people what a nasty, bullying, corrupt bigot he is. But not entirely. / link to original article

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