Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week 24th June – 24 June 2013

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this Week

Tuesday: Jupiter enters Cancer 6:39pm PDT; Wednesday: Saturn trine Sun, Mercury stations retrograde 6:07am PDT, Neptune trine Sun; Thursday: Venus enters Leo 10:03am PDT; Friday: Saturn sesquisquare Mars; Sunday: Venus conjunct Ceres

NOW THAT the Sun is in Cancer, the desire to be connected to home is especially strong. Each person’s definition of “home” may vary, of course — for some, it is a place. For others, it is a family unit or a group of friends, or even a specific person. For still others, it may be a familiar and comforting activity.

No matter what most feels like “home” to us, while the Sun is in Cancer, our need to self-nurture is especially strong. And, this is the time of year when we are encouraged to take care of ourselves and to establish a safe place in the world where we can replenish ourselves emotionally when we are feeling depleted.

JUPITER also enters Cancer on Tuesday of this week, adding another level of emphasis to the influence of this sign. Throughout the 12 months that Jupiter travels through Cancer, we may find that we are more emotional and subjective than usual.

And, because the Moon is the “ruler” of Cancer, we may also be more affected by the cycle of the Moon each month of the coming year — more sensitive at each Full Moon, and more invigorated or inspired at each New Moon.

THE SUN steps into place to form a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune on Wednesday — a preview of the energies we will be experiencing in mid-July when both Jupiter and Mars participate in that trine configuration. A trine occurs when three planets are equidistant from each other, forming a large triangle in the heavens.

The influence of three planets in grand trine provides a flow of energy that we can tap into and utilize for growth. We usually experience it as supportive, but we may also not notice it much if we are too caught up in life’s drama.

THIS IS BECAUSE a trine is a much less “pushy” energy than what we experience with a square aspect. Our ongoing Pluto-Uranus square also provides the opportunity for growth, but does so through making us very aware of what is not working in current form. This is usually the impetus for us to make important changes.

In comparison, with a trine we are not forced to change or take risks — instead, we are giving the option to choose to do so. And if we do take action, we have the support of the planets behind us.

I often use the analogy of an open door when talking with a client about the influence of a trine. An open door allows us to see possibilities, but we must walk through the doorway — we must apply our tools of choice and effort — if we are to take advantage of the potentials we observe.

WITH SATURN AND NEPTUNE participating in the grand trine, the potential for manifesting (Saturn) an ideal or a dream (Neptune) is especially strong. Our first steps with this week’s grand trine are to set our goals and establish the basis for going forward. The work we do now in this regard strengthens our potential for reaching important goals with the July grand trine.

Also on Wednesday, Mercury starts its retrograde (backward) phase, which will be in effect until July 20. Since Mercury retrograde times are typically not the best for starting new endeavors, we will benefit most if we set goals now, and use the next three weeks to review and finetune those goals. Then, when Mercury goes direct and the grand trine is in effect July 20 to 22, the energies support our taking more concrete action.

VENUS also changes signs this week, leaving Cancer and entering Leo on Thursday. Venus represents how we approach relationships and finances, so we may find that while Venus is in playful Leo (until July 22), our attitude toward these areas of our lives is less serious.

This lighter energy can help us have more fun, but with one caution: we may get so caught up in the desire of the moment that we neglect to consider any longer-term consequences. Very interesting that Mercury’s retrograde phase and Venus’ journey through Leo cover the same three weeks, since neither may be all that attentive to practical reality…

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