Sophia Love – The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth – 24 June 2013 words may or may not speak to you.  They concern things I’ve seen in me as well as others close to me these last few days.  The intent is to shed some light on what feels unsettling and dark.  I hope it is a help to you.

Each summer since I was a little girl I’ve wondered “Where does the water come from?  And what is holding it back?”  This happens around hoses.  In a matter of seconds, this lightweight, empty hose in my hand transforms into a heavy one, holding a flood of coursing, rushing water.  This could only occur if the water was there all along, waiting to be released. With just the slightest adjustment of the handle, I find myself drenched.

It is like that with love.  It exists.  It is your life force waiting to be released. It is there always.  It exists as your natural state.  Unimpeded, it will flow from you like a fire hose.  Yet there is a spigot and we are accustomed to keeping it “off”.

For most of us, “off” is our most familiar state.  We are so used to this in fact, that a constant state of “on” feels unrealistic, a little crazy, and false; more like delusion or a fairy tale than a real possibility.

This is not true, yet there is not a lot of evidence telling us what is.  It has been fed to you as an intentional “fact” of “real life”, meant to keep you enslaved.  If you think “off” is your natural state, you will not notice all the times the spigot turns in that direction.  It will “feel” and “sound” and “look” familiar, perhaps even comfortable in some odd way.

It’s summer time.  Each day I feel the full force of “on” as I water our plants with the hose.  Watching the online community, my friends and family I see a whole lot of “off”.  Prominent light workers are either silent or sounding uncharacteristically fearful or negative.  It brings up the question once again – “Where does the love come from?  And what is holding it back?”

The love just is.  You don’t have to turn it on.  The only action that can alter its flow is the switch to turn it “off”.  What is your switch?  It’s some kind of fear.  Chances are, if any of these words resonate, you have been seeing it lately.  It is the thing you are here to work on, your Achilles heel.  This is the action being activated right now.

You see, the work you’ve been doing is having an effect.  We are in the final minutes of the game, and we are ahead.  It is working. Those that would like to retain control of the game are now pulling out all the stops.  They will not give up.  We have to persist.  This is no surprise and nothing new.  We are not finished. Keep on loving. It is what we do best and the one thing they have no remedy for.  It is really hard to turn off a fire hose.

The outcome has always been in your hands. When you listen to warnings and predictions, do so with a focus on action to take, not re-action or anxiety.  Today, those of you working to assist this shift may be having a tough time.  Old habits, fears, problems and triggers are surfacing – baiting you to react; this is an intentional effort to turn the spigot “off”.

An empowered populace cannot be controlled. In spite of all efforts to tell you otherwise – you know the truth of who you are.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

As I gaze at each of us, I see the beauty of the meek – the least likely perhaps to be a force for massive change and yet an unstoppable force is what we are.  We are tired, broke, brokenhearted and discouraged and yet we persist.  This is because we came here knowing the truth.  It is your knowing that will once and for all pin the spigot to “on”.

Recognize any and all familiar fears and self-talk.  These are the tools of your enslavement; they keep the hose turned “off”.  Yesterday, a conversation with our off world contact included some methods to keep the hose turned “on”.  Look for it here.

You know what to do.  This is what you came for.  We are not the majority, but our light and the ever present stream of our love is changing everything.  Let’s keep them always “on”.  It’s always been the plan, and it’s a heck of a lot more fun.  There are no manuals.  With our lights blazing, we will forge the path ourselves.  We are the One.

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In lak’ech ala k’in,


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