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It seems one of the great diseases of this 3D paradigm has been the wretched need to control. Control the masses, control the world, control the internet, control the media and worst of all, control ourselves. I just finished re-reading the book ” Life Lessons” by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler. It has a great many insights packed between its cover pages. Well worth reading. I was struck by a quote in it that got my mind thinking much like pictures do. The quote was ” Life does not become chaotic when we release control, instead it falls into the natural order of things.” It is so easy to be pulled in by our control and not even realize it. It may start small like always having to drive your car when you go out so you can leave whenever you want from where you are, monitoring your calls with caller ID, eating at the same restaurant to make sure you can eat what you want or having to hold the clicker when watching TV. There are any numbers of ways we control ourselves or our life situations. It is time to let go and be a part of the natural order of things.

Control is something we have been living under forever. Our parents control us, our schools control us, our peers control us, laws control us, Government controls us. Control is all around us and it is time to pay attention to where we control our own lives and set them free. If we control parts of our lives we are not free to be who we truly are. We live life with walls that hold us in place, we are not free-flowing in whatever direction life wishes to take us in. Restriction stops life from happening! Take a moment and look carefully at your life and see where you may be holding yourself back. If we release control over ourselves then we are not apt to let others so freely control us. As with everything we are finding out, the change begins with us!

Control on any level will ultimately lead to regret in some form or other. It is one of the greatest lessons those dying have given us. Live your life fully and the way you want to while you can. We never know when death will come knocking on our doors. There is not always going to be a tomorrow and we must stop living life as if there will be. Regret is such a caustic emotion, it eats away at you until you are full of holes and time is spilling out of them. I cannot imagine lying on my death-bed with regrets. I know personally I have wasted a great deal of time not living life because of fears that held me back and my own controls I set in place. I try not to allow either to influence my life now as best I can. Part of our life’s mission should be to live life as fully as we can and with no regrets. That should be our top priority!

Control creates rigidity. If we are rigid we live life with tension, always making sure we stay within our lines we have drawn in the sand. We tell ourselves we can only go so far and then we must hold back and cower in our comfort zones. That is no way to live, yet a great many do. We have lived in fear forever and heard repeatedly why we are less than, where we are broken. It has destroyed self-confidence and made us a needy society. We are wonderful beings just as we are, we are powerful, strong and capable. We must start believing that and release our need to control life and just TRUST that all will be well. Life will carry us along down stream if we do not fight it. Control will not protect us, it can only hurt us in the end. Release it and fly free.

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