Kauilapele – Latests News From Shasta…”Julien Wells Is A Real Being”…(And Other Things) – 25 June 2013

http://kauilapele.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/julien_wells_kp_shasta_conference_p1000559_28_crop.jpgI had intended to drive to Seattle at some point during this Turtle Island journey, in part, to meet Julien Wells. As it turns out, I discovered he was here in Mt. Shasta attending a conference by and with Andrew Bartzis. After a few attempts, we finally connected (in part due to Yaks Koffee, where we (and a few others) went for lunch).

There will not be any discussion of our conversations. However, I will say that he and many others at the conference were undergoing quite “large and massive” (whatever “large and massive” might mean) transformations. Certainly I feel I belong to that crowd.

No readings were done, I was not interested in that, but it was clear that we are both on similar paths at this moment, namely, “large and massive” (whatever “large and massive” might mean) alterations in how we operate on the planet, and in our awareness of what our roles are here.

Seems like the theme of all this might be, “Releasing tonnes and tonnes of ‘old and no longer useful in this new paradigm’ stuff.”

Anyway, thanks, Julien (and Eva) for making the grand drive down from Seattle to be here in Shasta. Your Light is most welcome here… and in my life, at least.

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