Visionkeeper – Topsey Turvey – 25 June 2013 : I gonna make a big discernment notice on this article with the video link in it. It easily can be set up as deception as it is to get us again into fear. This is why I do not belief the most as said. As always in misinformation is always a bit of truth also. I see it as fear mongering.)

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This is a very short post today. I am twisted around in many directions and I find it extremely hard to find the correct words to write. I need peace in the world around me and it is so hard to find except in my own space, but I am weary of being forced to stay within the confines of my space to have that peace.

I watched a Youtube video this morning which I probably should not have watched, but we ALL need to watch, to know and be aware! It has altered me within. It is why I chose this picture today, one of peace and beauty, to try to make peace with what was going on inside me. I write and write here about the spiritual side of living, of staying in our hearts, of being love, and then I see or read something quite shocking and I think ” What am I doing?” Every now and then I reach this point and have to step back and go within for answers. I know we need to know things and be aware, not be sleeping bullfrogs on lily pads and fallen logs. We must remain awake and aware and fight for our freedom. Sometimes things seem so overpowering it makes you want to recoil and hide away, but doing that will not bring about change. By the same token I cannot always speak the bit of staying in our hearts and being love! I have done this for so long now, yet look what is going on around me in the world, am I making a difference or only kidding myself?

I am obviously stuck somewhere between dimensions and I need to back track and find that location and free myself. I am human, I falter and I question everything, and at times that questioning spins me around. Like today, with what was on that video, I have to wonder if this world of living in our hearts is any match for it. I know, love is the highest frequency and always wins out over the dark, but at the moment I question that. I do know if we do not fight for our freedom we will lose it. When I say fight I don’t mean taking to the streets, I mean actively doing something to create change. Sitting quietly and being love is not going to win this battle without our actions as well. And so, this is where I am today in my head and I must take time to sort this out. Thanks for understanding. I send you all my blessings and urge you to take action in any way you can….

Blessings to you all,

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