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Wow! Information leaks are gushing free as if a dam had broken somewhere upstream. We are witnessing great bravery at this time as well. Whistle Blowers coming forth for the good of mankind knowing they will probably pay the ultimate price somewhere down the road. A furious call of ‘Traitor’ has been cast upon their heads, when in fact most of Washington itself are traitors and should be behind bars. We seem to be witnessing the imprisonment of the wrong people time and time again. It makes ones frustration levels rise to a feverish pitch at times.

I keep hearing that small voice within calling however, “Be still and show the way” it says. Be the example it is saying and others will follow. Very difficult to do so at these tumultuous times, but we must. As more information pours out and more and more people become enraged with what is being done to them, it will definitely be our time to be still and hold the peace. That does not mean we cannot sign petitions or speak out or write letters to our political leaders ( if you can call them that), we should and must be doing that, but we must remain calm and not become engaged in the drama. We must be the balance to the unrest so the situation does not tip out of control.

From the sounds of it, there is more information to be released, I think we are just beginning to see a watershed event of huge proportions coming forth. I believe we are witnessing help from the light to expose the dark and there is no stopping this rolling snow ball from picking up speed. It has been rolling slowly for a long time now but finally it reached the crest of the hill and slipped over. It is plunging down hill so look out below! I suppose for many this can be a scary time watching life shape shift from what it was. For me it is a joy to finally see the truth emerge as we begin to morph the old world into the new. Yay! It seemed like it was never going to get here. Lesson number one: Have patience and trust!

We need to take this time of confusion and step up and speak with those in despair. They will be hungry for guidance as things heat up. If we are calm and not upset they will feel safe in our presence and be more willing to hear why we are not afraid. Speak out mindfully wherever you are whenever you can, be the teacher you are and the confidant they need. This is our time folks. It is here at long last. How much more information will spill forth before the masses scream out in outrage and fight back for control of their own lives? We keep hearing that the masses are asleep and completely distracted from reality, but are they really? Some are, yes, but we must have more faith in our fellow-man. If we keep believing they are asleep they will stay that way, for we will have willed that to be through our thoughts. Be careful of what you think I always say.

It is time to be encouraging not critical of humanity. All of our fellow humans may have been lulled to sleep by the corrupt media but have we not forgotten that they lead other lives as well. They go off to work everyday where they interact with co-workers. It is reasonable to think they will eventually hear the truth. They may not believe it at first, but if they hear it enough they can’t avoid the truth of it forever. We must have faith in them! For a long time we seem to have overlooked them as sleeping sheeple, and this must stop. If we wish people to awaken and join us we must encourage them, envision them awakening, see us all as one, and speak in terms of they ARE awakening. We wish to create freedom from slavery and we will as soon as we reach out to those around us with open arms and embrace them as being part of us, not different, but rather our brothers and sisters, just stuck in a different time frame than  us! We are all one and must love each one just the same.

Blessings to us all,

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