John Ward – Corruption Headlines: No Time For Detail – 27 June 2013

John WardThere is so much madness, rigging, sleaze, cover-up and graft coming into the mainstream domain today, it’s best I just give you the headlines plus a short precis, and then let you read in full for yourselves. As always, effusive and sincere thanks go to the army of Sloggers who now account for some 83% of all stories featured here starting life.

Huffpost: something some of us have hinted at for years, but which is now being leaked and acknowledged widely: how Leveson turned a blind eye to the 90% mainstream of phone hacking….and how the cops have been willing accomplices for a long time.

Toryhome: greedy MEPs signing on for day rate attendance, and then nipping off for horizontal jogging with la maitresse, lunch troughing etc etc.

Corporate Europe Observatory: In drafting the EU’s new ‘competitiveness pact’, Geli Merkel and Francois ‘Blancmange’ Hollande invited the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT), one of the most powerful lobby groups in Europe, to help them out. In response, the ERT seems to be laying on the table an entire corporate wish-list. My own view remains that the German and French cultural views of commerce are incompatible…but that’s never stopped globalists before.

Greek fantasies: Only 450,000 of the expected 6,500,000 returns expected by the Greek government have been filed. So Troikanauts, it’s all going really well, put out more flags.

Sober Look: As predicted at The Slog many moons ago, India is now an emerging economy with its scarf caught in the spokes.

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