Laura Bruno – Holy Shit : A Book Review – 27 June 2013

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What is most intriguing to me about this little book is that, once again, good writing has allowed me to re-discover a subject that I thought I had it together on.

I mean, we farm naturally at Milkwood. We know and we love and we dig manures. Regularly, even. Yet, reading this really excellent book, I’m reminded again of just how important and essential it is to cycle manures as part of replenishing what we take from the earth.

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I’ve been intrigued by this concept for awhile, seriously wondering “why doesn’t all new construction automatically come with composting toilets?” In a world with massively depleted soil, overly polluted water (with less and less clean water available), and the “need” for poisonous fertilizers, aren’t we missing the obvious? I’ve not read this book yet, but it’s on my list, along with the Humanure Handbook. Shit is the ultimate Shadow … almost no one wants to talk about it, but if we don’t find ways to bless it, we’ll be living in a world with all the downsides of waste and none of the upsides of nutrients. Even the book review will get you thinking! / link to original article

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