Lisa M Harrison – Joyous Declaration – 27 June 2013

Lisa M Harrison 1 of the many beautiful emails I have received of late…………

hi Lisa…

my name is michael rice… from ireland but spending a lot of time in the czech republic… all part of the great unfolding..
i wrote this a few years back… and felt it would be good to share..
i love what you are doing and wish you continued love and support..
so here goes:

I Joyously Declare that I am a Sovereign Living Soul and a Child of God.

My Life Mission is to explore my fullest Life Potential and ceaselessly express only Love and Compassion.

I hold complete and perpetual Dominion over my flesh and blood body – including but not limited to, the physical body, the bio-electrical and chemical body, the subtle energetic body and the etheric body in all its forms and in all dimensions of existence.

I am the Supreme Authority over all descriptions, derivations, manifestations and titles which extend out from any and all of these attributes of my being, which may be imposed, without my express knowledge and permission, under any artificial legal, commercial or societal structure or collective belief.

I express this Divine Trust and Duty with full Authority and Control, and cannot and will not submit or relinquish this responsibility to another. I will not, nor cannot, under Natural Law, accept anothers will upon me, which may, for whatever reasons, seek to limit, control, dictate, license, regulate or subvert my Divine Spiritual Purpose, nor would I seek to impose my will on another.

I take full responsibility for all of my thoughts, feelings, words and actions which are based on Universal Love.

Within the realm of human existence, experience and expression, I will act only and always in Truth, Fact and Honour, and always in and for the Highest Good of All Life.

This Declaration is ever present within and emanates out from the Seat of my Soul, extending through my Spirit, Heart and Mind, and limited only by the constraints of language.

michael / link to original article


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