5DMediaNetwork – The Remembering – Blogtalk Radio Show 28/29 June – 28 June 2013

5D-medianetworkLink to radio show recording

USA EDT/ 28 June. 20.00 pm /European Mainland Time 29 June, 02.00 am/ Sydney Time saturday 29 June, 10.00 am

Join Emilio and guests for The Remembering..

– understanding how powerful your thoughts are, projecting and manifesting whatever reality you wish.

– OPPT and energy

– deciphering ego and being aware of it.

– discussions on upgrading relationships

–  the necessity of forgetting and the journey of remembering.

– straw man entity, the legal fictional “person”

– understanding responsibilities of coming freedom and its possibilities

– unconscious fears that limit us.

– respecting others capacities to move

– cognitive dissonance and disclosure

– consciousness and memory stored outside the brain

– other beings and the possibilities.

– densities, dimensions and entheogens.


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