Lisa Gawlas – A Potpourie Of Understandings – 28 June 2013

raise-vibrationHOME! HOME!! HOME!!!  My Good God it feels sooooo good to be Home again!!  It equally feels good to know I do not have to get back into that car for a whole days drive anywhere, at least until the 16th of July when I pick up my good friend from Switzerland at the Denver airport (big smile)!!  Other than that, I shall be using airplanes to get cross-country from here on out!! lol

Something unpleasant, yet interesting started happening the day before I left New Mexico to spend several weeks with my Dad in Pennsylvania, my lower back started hurting as if someone slammed my tailbone with a sledge-hammer.  This intense back ache lasted two solid days, then went away without a trace.  At first, I assumed it was my resistance to leaving the Mesa for such a long time, until the very same thing happened when I was getting ready to shift from Pennsylvania to my son’s house in Virginia.  Two days of intense lower back pain, then gone without a trace, until two days before I was leaving my son’s house to go to Arkansas to do some crystal mining.  I am seeing and feeling a pattern here.  Much to my surprise, this same pain happened in Arkansas.  I stayed three full days playing in the red dirt of the quartz crystal mines, the day before I left, my lower back had been slammed once again.  It didn’t stop me from mining or picking up large rocks and smashing them to get to the quartz clusters inside… but man, my back was not a happy camper thru it all.

So I had to wonder, and wonder loudly… What the hell is that all about??  Eventually… a partial understanding was provided.  I say partial become I know there is something more to the story, I am getting really good at knowing when spirit is holding back more information.  But here is what I do understand…

A complete removal of the root chakra energy from all the landscapes that had gotten me (us) to here.  Even right here on the Mesa, the energy fell apart at the bottom most frequency (hence the fires of purification that continues to happen.)  Every variation of earth has gone (is going thru) this release of density.  Every version of earth is equally going thru an upsurge of higher energies.  A new landscape coming in.  Old portals closing, releasing themselves from existence to form new ones, in the new frequency design of our interplanetary system.

Even tho the densest of frequencies have been released on all versions of earth, don’t think for a moment that equals a “get out of karmic energy free” card for anyone.  Not even.  All karmic energy hit a higher/quicker octave within the new frequency patterns.

Keeping with that understanding, on my road trip home, spirit had also said we are starting phase two of this cycle.  However….

In these last two months, as once phase closed and the next one had yet to start, many choice points were presented to us.  Altho spirit considers the choices major, the choices could be as seemingly small as an inner prompting to start a new daily routine (ending the old one that was well established) or as big as a new move, a new love affair…

Those who took a pass on putting into action any choices, any changes, will be repeating phase one with more intensity.

One of the most exciting conversations I had with spirit on my journey home was about the start of phase two.  There is no doubt in my heart, phase two is all about using our spiritual energy stronger, and more vastly than we ever did before.

When I was getting ready to leave Virginia for my 2000 mile cross-country car ride back home, I wanted to down load a new audio book to listen too.  I rejoined again, so I had a credit of an e-book to download.  It is kind of funny to notice how much one has changed.  In my search for worthy material to ingest while driving, all I could feel within is… I already have the greatest authors in the world sharing their information with me… YOU!  You are more valid and more timely than anything I could possibly listen too and my interest in listening to any current or newly published books just wasn’t there.  After flipping around some tried and true authors from my beginnings, Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD sat on my laptop staring at me, pulling me in.  I had read both of his books back in 2001 and feel in-love with his material, clients regressed to the other side of the veil and shares case histories about what we do when we are not incarnated in a body.  I downloaded it.

It is funny to realize that when you listen with kindergarten ears (how I listened in 2001) and listen again with a much more mature understanding of the spirit world, everything he shared was vividly new, well, sorta.  The clients in deep hypnosis shared their adventures and abilities on the other side of the veil, the more I listened, the more I realized THIS is what we are capable of doing NOW.  This is what we are going to do NOW… and then some!!  I suppose we will go into deeper detail about all of this as we get some new readings underway (starting today!!)

Then he came to a section about incarnations in other worlds, in other dimensions, my heart was filled with the Planeathians.  As Michael Newton’s clients we describing how vastly different some worlds are from earth, how some worlds do not require a physical body… and some of the names of these worlds… I knew, beyond any shadow of lingering doubt… Planeathius is REAL.

The clients in this book talked about being able to travel thru “time” via portals… like a super highway in space.  The only true way to navigate these portals is thru a vibrational match in frequency.  But it exists and is navigable.

Another aspect of this book, of the sharings within this book that tripped my ongoing trigger was about soul energy.  Soul colors and what it means (loosely) to the soul itself.  I thought about the readings when I would take a person off the field itself and place them in my kitchen to look at their “biology” thru the field of light.  How much has changed.  How much I was no longer understanding.  What I realized now is that what I was seeing is the transition from biological life to soul life… energetically.  The more aligned with your soul energy, the harder it is for me to connect to your energy systems as usual.  I just didn’t realize how profound this was until I listened to this audio book.  So in the coming days, once I get oriented to the new field in which we will connect and read from, I will incorporate soul energy within the biology into the view and understanding.

One of the greatest things that excited me about the clients talking about their soul energy and what it means… when they were ready to learn something new.  Their energy, at the outer most area of their soul showed it.  What was already developed was a part of their core colors.  This energy formation should be available to anyone who has embarked on phase two…  I am going to use Michael Newton’s base of understanding to start from and grow with.

Another point I had to celebrate while ingesting this audio book is something I have been saying for a long time, just in a very abstract way.  The majority of souls, once on the other side of the veil, realized how much of their life plan they did not do and of course, the reasons why.  I mention this because of an over used, justifiable phrase so many people tuck under their arm and carry around:  ”I am where I need to be.”  No, the truth of the phrase should go “I am where I am willing to take myself.”  No one needs to repeat anything, unless they avoided the challenges to begin with.  Avoided choice points that would place them in uncomfortable and new situations.  If you are repeating any “lesson’ it is because you didn’t take yourself beyond the challenge, and the challenges in any repeated energy always gets bigger and louder than before.

One of the biggest challenges souls take on is the brain of the biology and learning to blend with it, be a unified partner with it.  For those who moved into phase two, you have achieved this blending and this is how you are going to learn to use your new bells and whistles.  For those still wrestling with their brains and material desires/fears… well… there will be more to wrestle with, until you choose otherwise.

I have 5 readings scheduled today, so we should get a wonderfully diverse look at what all this means to us and how to use it to our greatest advantage moving forward.  I would like to add here, I am back Home on the Mesa, my time zone has changed… again!  I am back on MST (as opposed to the EST) that most appointments were booked thru.  The new class starts tomorrow (Sat, the 29th) so there will be no readings prior to 10:30am MST.  I will be sending out reschedule notices for those affected by this final time zone switch.

Also, those planning on attending the gathering in July, the campsites/national forest here in the Jemez have been closed due to the intense heat and low humidity.  This means, you must look at getting a hotel or B&B as opposed to camping.

On that note, I am going to close and get ready for the first readings on the Mesa since mid-May!!  I am just sooooo excited!!

((((HUGZ)))) of change and enhancements to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.   We are having a celebration on the Mesa July 19th, 20th and 21st with drumming and singing and filling the landscape with new energy, of Shambhala thu the human voice and heart on Saturday the 20th.  I have an old webpage that I am going to share here (I have updated it slightly) that lists campgrounds and B&B’s for those who wish to celebrate and sing with us.  Please sign the guest book if you are sure you are going to attend, space is limited and I need to keep a heart count.  I Am so excited!!  / / link to original article

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