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It seems obvious to me that things in the world have suddenly turned even more aggressive and hostile. The war machine has switched into a higher gear, their blood lust has been ramped up and their need to silence has once again become blatantly obvious. Three free energy inventors were suddenly killed recently, the brilliant journalist from Rolling Stone was killed in a supposed car accident which is now being torn apart and the truth slowly revealed and you can bet your money if they could get their hands on Snowden he would be gone as well. This ugly violence must stop. It is time we, as the keepers of the light, start a revolution of kindness that embraces the world. We must balance out the injustice with kindness, we have all seen enough brutality to last many life times and it is time to infuse life with kindness and love to level the playing field here!

Like the photo above says: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Instead of sitting here drowning in violence and death, let us bring forth the joy and warmth that kindness can bring. This is how the game is played. Whatever they insist upon heaping on us, be it fear, violence, whatever, we must supply the world with the opposite to keep the balance! Hope is the other emotional factor missing from the equation. We have been buried under so much evil and ugliness, people’s hopes have been dashed. Without hope there is little incentive to go forward, so it is critical that we offer hope where it is needed, to keep the people knowing there is hope and a reason for being!

Receiving kindness out of the blue is a very uplifting experience as well as being the giver of that kindness and watching the receiver. It is a two-way proposition and everyone benefits. I remember once being in a shopping mall parking lot when an elderly man came out and put his purchases in his car. I walked over and offered to return his cart to the store and he was dumb struck! He was so appreciative and thanked me more than actually felt comfortable. It stunned me for a moment to witness how starved we are for kindness. We don’t see it very often these days, and when it comes our way we are almost startled by it. This is certainly not a healthy way to live. It is time to flood the planet with kindness, which often times leads one forward into hope as well.

The dark will continue to pummel us with evil, and the only way we will survive this assault is to bring about balance, otherwise we will drown in the evil. As has often been mentioned, the final battle on our journey will be a battle for our minds in more ways than one. If we pay attention to what is happening and take a moment to find what is needed to counter balance whatever is taking place, then they do not capture our minds and hold them hostage. I am now entering into my second month of continual rain where I live. Peoples gardens are rotting, long-awaited flowers are being beaten from their stalks, finally being able to be outside after a long winter is now becoming a very soggy situation. At first I was very angry, then depressed, then angry again and now I realize I am being offered a grand opportunity to learn the art of accepting what is and letting it go. We must stay one step ahead and remain aware! We must work with what we have and find ways to get around things. Acceptance is one of the best tools we have been gifted with! Let us use it to silence ego and move ourselves forward.

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