Col. Roy Potter Eludes The Feds : His Story (Audio) – 29 June 2013 friends, I never thought I would be living this life of intrigue vicariously through people who are putting their lives on the line to protect the American people and to help us restore our freedom. It sounds crazy to talk about… surreal… but it’s the nature of life at this moment in time.

I happened to see this video/audio from Blogtalk Radio when looking for an update from the colonel. I’ll wager he didn’t plan on this kind of a retirement.

Roy tells why he’s “on the run” trying to share his intel and the fed tactics he’s seeing. We hope he remains safe.

I believe it was June 25th when he posted a 2-minute update saying he didn’t have much time and referred us to the conservitusprime channel for further updates.

The radio hosts mention that the powers that were are not going to give up, they’re desperate, we don’t know what they’ll do, and they’re going to take as many people with them as they can before they go down, so keep the brave warriors in your hearts as they do what they feel called to do as we wind down this battle with the dark. It’s nearly over. / link to original article


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