Fox News Colorado Airs Segment On Chemtrails – 29 June 2013’re making progress. Of course their official sources suck, but what do we expect? They’ve planted a seed and at least people will begin to notice the chemtrails a little more now and may begin to do some research of their own.

Below is Alfred Webre’s “The News Live” from tonight, June 28th, on the environmental warfare launched against Calgary a week or so ago that caused unprecedented flooding, cost billions in damages and three deaths—not to mention the loss of all the firearms not locked up in citizens’ homes in High River, Alberta. Alfred says the devastation was equivalent to dropping a bomb on Calgary and he makes suggestions as to why it was done, why Calgary, and what we can do about this attack.

Since none of the MSM is touching it as far as the geoengineering goes, it’s a pretty sure bet they’ve been told to leave it alone.

I was surprised to hear Alfred reveal that the US, Canada and Russia in 1978, signed an agreement NOT to use environmental warfare. That goes to show just how long they’ve had the capability to do it; plenty of time to perfect it.

Since the NEXRAD station in southern Alberta was also used to wield the HAARP attack in addition to those in the US, it’s clear that a group involving parties on both sides of the border was involved, who break any law they choose on a regular basis.

And here is another fascinating edition of Alfred’s show—the inaugural one from Nov. 2012—in which he discusses why Hurricane Sandy was invoked for a specific political purpose, as well as the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Isaac, and Hurricane Katrina. link to original article

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