Lisa Gawlas – Phase Two Emerges From The Heart Of YOU! – 29 June 2013

heartlightWhat a wonderful and full contrast yesterdays day in the field of Light provided for all of us.  My first reading of the day reminded me of an area I forgot to mention, the null place.  The place in between ending phase one and not yet embarking on phase two.  We can really call this place, the major choice/decision-making place.

My first beautiful lady showed up way across the “center field” surrounded by darkness, or maybe better stated, a deep blackness.  She was sitting on the side of the Mesa landscape “pondering.”  The deep blackness was actually a wonderful feeling.  The place where unlimited potential and possibilities emerge from.  As I scanned the area where she was sitting/resting, two tiny but vibrant energy threads emerged at the bottom of her left foot.  I knew these were two area’s within her physical life she started to energize, but not enough for me to read/understand.  One line was a silvery white, the other, a silvery red.  Both were about 5 feet long and not yet connected to what I will call her center field.

We can look at this place as the area of deep inner reflection and major choice points.  The place that will either have you re-doing phase one or embarking on phase two.  We all end up here for a while.  We can look at it as the intersection in the figure 8.

My second lady was in her center field immersed in a vortex of deep black energy.  From the top front (present to future) these squiggly lines of light infused, multicolored metallic energy was coming in and being inlaid into her “new” vortex, her new energy field.

I had to ponder the black.  I understood its presence with my first lady, but really was surprised to equally see and feel it with my second lady.

I remember, while listening to Destiny of Souls (by Michael Newton, PhD) a soul talking about moving into the higher dimensions beyond earth.  If I am remembering correctly, the 3rd dimension above earth was experienced as a deep blackness and as that soul moved into the next higher dimension is where the non-biology life forms are.  (I will look up this information and make it clearer, just not today, I don’t have the time.)  This soul referred to the blackness as something like the area of unlimited possibilities.

It would make sense that there had to be a dimension where we pull new energy from.  As I listened to this soul talk about his dimensional travels, I felt really strongly the “black hole” we had seen and experienced at the beginning of this year, was our movement beyond that to the realm where the Planeathians reside.

I also became very aware during my connections with these two lovely ladies was something significant has changed for us.  WE have been handed the mantle of power, of creation.  Spirit has done their work guiding us, placing what we need within our path to make sure we did not stray too far off course or redirected us back on course… and now, we are the ones deciding what we shall experience from here on out.  Our team will assist us, but nowhere near like they did in getting to here… unless we re-do phase one.  Phase two is all us, creators creating from their own energy field.

I also understood that the vortex of energy I could see around my second lady was due to the fact she was making choices within herself and started to put those choices into action.  The incoming energy will facilitate her new field of life as it settles.

As I was trying to understand how long this process was going to take for her, suddenly I could see what spirit called a bridge, but to me, looked like one of McDonald’s golden arches (but wasn’t golden at all, instead, a light infused, multicolored metallic energy bridge that had a high arch in its center.  I kept getting the feeling this process would be completed in about 10 days, but the energy within this space was so super concentrated… intense.  Her team said it was bridging her into her next phase.

With this lady as well as my next one, there was an interesting factor, I could see their surrounding energy field but not their biology at all.  I had a sense of them within the center of what I could see, but I could not see them at all.  As my third lady would reveal, there is a reason for this.

My third lady was starkly different from my first two.  Light flooded her center field and the earth itself was bulging up around her.  Creating its own semi-solid vortex of pure earth energy around her.  I say it was semi-solid because I could feel the energy as if was made of sandy dirt, but had the light infused metallic energy within it.  As I watched this circular mound raise up from the earth more and more, I could see things starting to emerge on the inside of this earth vortex that was already seeking its insertion point within her biological energy field (which I could not see… yet.)  I did understand these things I was seeing were akin to power plugs looking to be inserted into the wall outlet for connection and full on energy infusion.  These are the new, highly charged, living codes of DNA coming online.

There was no doubt in my heart, my sweet lady was an “earth worker.”  The earth herself plugging into this precious soul to charge her up for her next great adventures in her significantly changed human suit.  The understanding was that she would “come online” from the feet up (root chakra) slowly, over time, to allow integration and use of her new energy system.

Here is an interesting fact that came thru her reading.  She said she has been trying to move out of the land she lives within to somewhere more in alignment with who she is now, surrounded by people more like her and yet, the moment she tried to create that, it fell apart.  Her team was quite adamant about her staying in the landscape she is currently in thru the transition of the falling away of the old, dense energy and the birth of the new landscape.  Her soul light was holding the bridge together simply by being where she is.  They also said when all is in place, she will be released from that landscape and her move will take place.  I also understood, it will be by the equinox.  We can look at the time between the solstice and the equinox as the solidification of the new energy systems.

With this lovely lady and the rarefied energy within her center field, her team also said she was helping others just starting to be infused (like lady number 2) and this is a key role for her at this transitional point of (all) earth(s.)

In contrast, and I want to be perfectly clear on this point… my first lady, the one sitting out on the Mesa landscape, equally desires to move and indeed, it is time for her to begin that journey.  However, desire alone is not enough.  You MUST put energy into the desire… do something… ANYTHING to start the unfolding of your hearts desires, because if you do not, it will not manifest for you.

My fourth reading of the day, a wonderful man who gave us yet another view of what is happening.  Different than my first three ladies… but yet, very much a part of the new unfolding song.

He showed up on the left side of what I call center field.  Much to my surprise there was a large bubble of energy around his center field and he was just on the outside of it.  I knew he was in the place between phase one and phase two and I had actually written about him before.  The man who is in the US and needing to get to his birthplace in New Zealand.  When I read for him last month, he was worried about not having the money to travel with and he kept recreating the void of money by his worry.  Well, he gave up that worry and the money and way was provided for him.  Let’s look at the significance of that for a moment… his MAJOR CHOICE POINT was releasing the worry.

As I was watching what he was doing, I realized he had a huge key ring with at least 20-30 keys on it.  He was standing at the doorway to the entrance of his bubbled in center field.  The doorway seemed framed with christmas garland, but I knew it was representing a magnetic frequency that he had to match with the right key in order to open into his area of phase two.  I also realized that each key he has, opens a very particular doorway and this is part of his next agenda, his bells and whistles if you will.

His team also said that while he is back in his birthplace of New Zealand, many new codes will be uploaded and downloaded straight from the untainted registry of his Lemurian roots.

By the time my 5th reading of the morning rolled around (15 minutes after the above man) my team completely unplugged me from the field of reading.  I can be like an alcoholic who just doesn’t know when that last drink should be drunk, so I keep drinking.  Your soul elixir is the greatest thing on earth, in my daily consumption of Light Radiance… and after a month and a half of not having such a high vibration to drink… my own team holds my plug.  Dammit!! (smile)

Something else started to happen to my own Self yesterday morning.  The pure, radiant, inflow and out flow of loving gratitude.  I have not felt this flow of energy since leaving the Mesa mid-May and really have not thought about its absence at all, at least until it started flowing again yesterday morning.

When we are in any aspect of lower frequencies, no matter the reason, our protective shield must be put into place.  This kind of dulls down your own energy so no harm is done on any level. The chick named Lisa didn’t place this protection around my own energy field, my wise and wonderful, partnered soul did.  I realized that when we are working in the denser energies, our own light field must be toned down for the good of all.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t loving or grateful while gone… but I did realize there is a mana called loving gratitude that IS the creative energies of our lives.  Pure, untainted, flowing constantly.

It is sooooo good to be Home again and Seeing and feeling you in all your Beautiful radiance.  You too have been protected while I was away and the very reason we could not connect like we did before I left.  But now… Holy Heaven batman!!

Thank you for allowing me to stand on your shoulders so we can all get a better view of what we are doing and becoming NOW!!

I love you soooo much!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.   We are having a celebration on the Mesa July 19th, 20th and 21st with drumming and singing and filling the landscape with new energy, of Shambhala thu the human voice and heart on Saturday the 20th.  I have an old webpage that I am going to share here (I have updated it slightly) that lists campgrounds (no campgrounds in the Jemez are currently open) and B&B’s for those who wish to celebrate and sing with us.  Please sign the guest book if you are sure you are going to attend, space is limited and I need to keep a heart count.  I Am so excited!! / link to original article


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