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John Ward – From The Archives: Why Crash 2 Will Vapourise The LABoraTORY – 29 June 2013

John WardThe piece reproduced below is from May 14th 2012, and covers the subject of German control freakery in particular, plus the fight between Vulnerable Small and Powerful Big – both of which are, over a year on, becoming clearer with every day. I wanted to repost it now because I’ve just finished a minor revamp of the site. The About and Aims pages are simpler, shorter and (I hope) much clearer about why The Slog exists. The piece below deals with the same issues, but in rather more detail…and represents an early assertion of what is now a pressing need: the creation of a United Front of Decency beyond the dysfunctional political tribalism to which we still cling. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – The Tidal Wave Is Coming! – 29 June 2013

Fasten your seat belts everyone, because the ride is about to get really REALLY fun!

It’s time to move forward and take the bull by the horns, put him in a head lock and give him a really funky hair cut.

…. the “Bull” being the financial system and the banks.

This is your official heads up, get your gear on, pull together the clans and organize your plan of action.   Stoke up the fires in your hearts, and get caffeinated because it’s full steam ahead as of this moment. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – The Transitioning 29/30 June – 29 June 2013

5D-medianetworkLink to radio show recording

USA EDT/ 29 June, 17.00 pm/Europe Mainland, 29 June, 23.00 pm/ Sydney, 30 June, 07.00 am

With Julien Wells and Bob Wright.

“In these times there are beings that are expanding their consciousness into the unknown. Two such beings are Bob Wright and Julien Wells. Join them and their guests as they adventure into the unknown and explore the frontiers of their awareness and what is possible.” Continue reading

Méline Lafont – A New Beginning Arises From The Depths Of Our Being – Channeled From Self – 29 June 2013

MélineLafontAs we continue to settle in this foundation and in this grid of Love and empathy, of Divine potential and of inter Dimensional creation, a lot is being absorbed by our beings and hearts.  The energies are co-operating into a new divine system of Alchemy, where all the foundations of heart based feelings and creations are part of this new system and form the new system called Humanity as One race and One being.  Continue reading

AscensionPioneers -How To Make A Choice? – 29 June 2013

Uploaded on 28 June 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS Continue reading

Wes Annac – Saan And The Arcturian Councils : A Short Introductory Message – 29 June 2013

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

(Note from Wes: As I pondered the reason for the “San” aspect of SanJAsKa’s name, I found myself connecting with an Arcturian entity who went simply by the name of “Saan”. He represented himself as being of the Arcturian Councils, without referencing a specific Council. Continue reading

CommonDreams – EPA Ups Allowable Residue Of Monsanto’s Toxic Herbicide On Food – 29 June 2013

common-dreamsRegulatory agency raises limits of known endocrine disruptor glysophate in produce and animal feed

– Common Dreams staff

In a little reported development, the Environmental Protection Agency last week issued a new rule raising the allowable concentration of Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate, otherwise known as Roundup, on food crops, animal feed and edible oils Continue reading

Ronna Herman – Archangel Michael – “Victim Or Victor?” – 29 June 2013

ronnapic200Beloved masters, there is an orderly sequence to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation which define and emphasize a great variety of GODLY EXPRESSION; therefore, it is important that you learn to flow and adapt to the changes of the time. It is time to discard the restrictive, limiting beliefs of your present state of Self-awareness as you gain wisdom, seek higher truths, and grow closer to your original state of Divinity. You, the Star Seed, as leaders in the march toward Self-empowerment and as proficient cocreators of the new world of tomorrow, are in the midst of an inner mental and emotional clearing and cleansing process of monumental proportions. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Lance Devon – Australian Government Forces Citizens To Answer Intimate Questions About Sex Partners Or Face Jail Time – 29 June 2013

NaturalNews-FBSymbol(NaturalNews) The Australian government finds it necessary to travel door-to-door and collect personal information from random citizens. In an anti-democratic and coercive fashion, the Australian government forces citizens to answer intrusive, personally-disturbing questions or face harassment, fines, and prosecution.

The Australia Bureau of Statistic’s “Monthly Population Surveys” have been used since 1960 in order to gather information about the country’s workforce. Recently, the questions have begun to perturb citizens. Many are refusing to answer such heinous questions, which include detailing people’s current and previous sexual relationships. One resident is speaking out about the forced sexual questions thrust upon him and the demand for information regarding his personal sex life. Continue reading

CLN – Lessons On A Solar Fraud Case in India – 29 June 2013

Indian-Solar-Energy Gigaom | 23 June 2013

A fraud case has heated up political debates in the southern Indian state of Kerala, where two people have been arrested for allegedly swindling doctors by promising to install solar panels but took the money and ran instead. Continue reading