Kauilapele – The Last Shasta Supper – 30 June 2013

So here it is… My last evening view of Shasta. For now, at least.

My time is ending and I know it’s time to leave when I feel the ‘itching’, of sorts, to go. I was not intending on this length of stay, but this land called for it, and this house and property, Emerald Springs, wanted my help. It was indeed my home once, as a local native person, and the feeling was strong to return the joy I once knew here, in kind, to this place, in its current, now moment, configuration.

I have some final work to do here. Physical, mostly, and to close out details of my stay. The energy here feels cleaner, clearer, and aligned with the Emerald Springs New Paradigm.

So here is my last meal. Simple. Oats, oat bran, kale, yam, egg, and local honey.

It’s been a sweet stay here. Shasta has touched my innards in a special way.

Next steps, feels like the Pacific coast. By for now. KP

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