Laura Bruno – Do You See Him? The Diaphanous Man! – 30 June 2013

Click to visit the original postOn June 17, I posted my take on the astrology of what promised, last week, to be an action-packed adventure:This week’s astrology features Sun/Jupiter, Galactice Center and Summer Solstice: EXPAND TO GREET THE LIGHT!

And yes, the feeling of the entire time was extraordinary.

Notes on this Glorious Summer Solstice Day

At some point during this onrushing glory, I posted, as a sort of aside,  that I was considering the idea of changing the tagline for this blog from “Bridging Above and Below” to “Blending Above and Below,” and a day or so later, did change it, by including rather than choosing:  “Bridging/Blending Above and Below.”

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I love how Nature Spirits and the Faery Realm continue to reveal themselves more and more through photographs and videos. Here’s a Summer Solstice photo taken by Ann Kreilkamp of Exopermaculture, a fellow InDiana resident. (We’ve agreed to refer to our state as InDiana — “in the Goddess of the Woods.” Love it!) Just wanted to share her photo, as well as the subtle ways these revelations from Nature interweave with the more mundane revelations of whistleblowers. It’s all happening right now for those with eyes to see. What do *you* wish to view? What kind of world are *you* inviting and engaging?

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