Lucas – A Flock Of Birds Calling Out Change is Underway – A Duck Tale And More Insights – 30 June 2013

As I was talking to a friend I had mentioned I have been monitoring lots of newly awakened getting in touch with nature, with telepathic abilities and seeing they have more things than their already known 5 senses.

I hear of people not being afraid anymore to say to talk or even talk to nature, trees, plants and animals.  It is now felt as becoming more a part of us accepting to be one with all. We accept the realms of the earth, the forest, the mountains and waters and skies as being living breathing  vibrational energy frequencies like us and our earth gaia.

For me past thursday, friday and saturday morning I was called with a loud cacophony of sound by all the birds to  awaken those mornings with a message that change is upon us.  I never got wakened that loud by birds when the sun rose. I felt their genuine message and looked out of my window seeing flocks of different sorts of birds calling out the change. It was awesome.

I talk myself often with animals and birds via telepathy.  I know they understand it.  For example : I have a couple  of  wild ducks nesting every year and raise their ducklings at my little pond in the backyard. This year I talked telepathic  to them not to come and nest as there will be building and renovating activities going on in my neighbourhood and that would disturb their nesting. They listened and didn’t come to nest this year.

The people are getting more and more acquainted with their new abilities in healing, manifesting, creating. This makes new ways of connecting and relating to other living entities, human, animal or otherwise easier. Seeing energy, seeing different color intensities is all part of that what is going on. Also some will feel they need less food as they get fed more and more also by pure energy.

Certain foods will be felt as not prevalent to eat anymore. It is up to you what to do as you only can feel what is right for you in the moment of now.  See that things are changing and integrating also. It is seeing there is change by changing perception and following your heart-source and feelings.  It is about feeling your way through. If there is now chaos and lots of things exposed you can see that as negative, but you can perceive it also as positive and see that things need to change after all this chaos ending.

Also there is absolute a  group of positive and negative, dark or light teachers and gurus out there.  A lot of them preach on intellectual level how to be getting into that space of neutrality and unity  but in fact they still act out differently  as they are doing the opposite of what the mind has intellectually brought forward.  It is about not being a preacher, guru or teacher anyhow it is about just being YOU and being example in what you talk and do and just talk for yourself and let people themselves see if it relates to them or not.

Are you willing to become uniting dark and light than shine a bit of light in the dark and let a bit of dark in the full light. Maybe both sides can see more of each other as being just interconnected as one.  Are we able to bring those polarities together in ourselves and therefore also outside ourselves? For me that answer is a yes as I see the changes coming fast.

We still need to see there is no need for trial, retribution and hunting down the  still called ” Dark and Evil” . They have played their roles in our duality game that officially has ended last year 21st december 2012.  It is though still playing out. We ourselves are often the ones that keep this last bit going by still feeding energy into this crumbling old structure.

Are we able to feed the new unity in all our energy, that is all polarities without judgement, hate, fear and anger.  Can we grow beyond our own self-imposed new borders of being only light or only dark?  I think we can.  Let us make it happen.  When in all light the dark is seen also we will find the balance that will bring unification of all. If we see in darkness also the light shine through we are amazingly seeing the unity coming.

There is no us and them anymore as is said so often already by some way showers.  It is about us all.  Separation is no more. Let us find all our way into our heart source connection. The sooner we all do, the sooner we all will see our 5D paradigm manifest in all its beauty for us and earth.  We are already in our in between stage. Some holding the energies of 5D already in its highest form and others are still in the experience of  energies of a already past 3D.

In letting go of our past, our patterns, our addictions, our beliefs, our cultural and societal dogmas and imprints, in letting go of all our expectations and future thoughts we will be getting into the heart and also more in the now. As all is now. Past-Present and Future is NOW.

Let there be love to guide you and warm you heart. It is the guide for your journey.

Love and Light in all its shades,


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