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Bill Ballard – Through The Anterion Conversion Stargate Via Our Planetary Merkaba – 30 June 2013

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Krista Raisa – For Jay: I’m Starting To Remember – 30 June 2013

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WakingTimes – Mike Barrett – ADHD A ‘Fictitious Disease’ Says The Creator Of The Ailment – 30 June 2013

Flickr-adderall-Patrick-Mallahan-III-300x225Did you know that The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 3%-7% of school-aged children have ADHD, while parents report that about 9.5% of children between 9- and 7 years old suffer from the condition? Although these statistics are alarming, they aren’t as shocking as the fact that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a completely made-up ailment, according to the “father” of ADHD, Leon Eisenberg, who made the shocking admission in the last interview before his death. Continue reading

8 Minutes News And Energy From Space 2.0 – 30 June 2013

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Laura Bruno – Do You See Him? The Diaphanous Man! – 30 June 2013

Click to visit the original postOn June 17, I posted my take on the astrology of what promised, last week, to be an action-packed adventure:This week’s astrology features Sun/Jupiter, Galactice Center and Summer Solstice: EXPAND TO GREET THE LIGHT!

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RedHack Breaches Istanbul Administration Site, Hackers Claim To Have Erased Debts – 30 June 2013

Istanbul Special Provincial Administration website hacked Istanbul Special Provincial Administration website hacked

The notorious RedHack collective has breached another major website of the Turkish government, the one of the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration (

The hackers claim that, by penetrating the organization’s systems, they’ve been able to erase people’s debts to water, gas, Internet, electricity, and telephone companies. Continue reading

AmericanKabuki – Peter Attia : Is The Obesity Crisis Hiding A Bigger Problem? – 30 June 2013 Attia has dedicated his medical career to investigating the relationship between nutrition, obesity and diabetes. A surgeon who developed metabolic syndrome himself despite the fact that he ate well and exercised often, Attia realized that our understanding of these important health issues may not actually be correct. He devoted himself to using vigorous scientific inquiry to test both our assumptions and new hypotheses through the Nutrition Science Initiative, the nonprofit he co-founded in 2012. Attia also writes the blog Eating Academy, which charts his own adventures in nutrition and examines scientific evidence surrounding food, weight loss and disease risk. Overall, he hopes to convince others that sharp increases in the rates of obesity and diabetes — despite the fact that we are more culturally aware of these problems than ever — might be a result of people being given the wrong information. Continue reading