AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Chaco Canyon : Our Ancient Future, Part 2 – 1 July 2013

heartpuzzleI share what I am given to offer my piece of the heart puzzle in our collective awakening. It is a streaming of new understandings that refuses to be inserted into an old paradigm or existing puzzle. We are all building this new world now. None of us can do it alone. It is a giant, beautiful mosaic that we are all helping each other to see and accept as real. I am most grateful to others who have freely given their pieces of the puzzle so that I might insert them into what I am building on my own journey to wholeness. I encourage each and every one of you to do your part. In the past, we have been so conditioned to seek and accept a complete package that someone else devised and delivered to us in tidy little boxes. I encourage you to be an explorer in these amazing times. Open your own heart and mind, and be bold enough to offer what you have discovered. It just might be the piece that falls into someone else’s place, and helps us all take one step further in the direction of the One Heart. Thank you. ~ EM

Note: This is a continuation of my last post. It probably won’t make sense unless you’ve read Part 1.

IMG_1555Chaco Canyon June 25/26. The night sky introduces me to Gaia.

We spent some time viewing the breathtaking panorama of stars – camera gear readied to record any inkling or twinkling of a hello in an extraterrestrial sort of way. There was much movement to be seen… but they were probably satellites. Soon the beauty of it all made me forget any remaining shred of expectation for off-planet communication. It was late, and time to rest. Still, the camera had not been tucked away. It remained “standing at attention” to record anything “unusual” in the night, though it turns out that the camera could not follow me, and capture what happened within.

The night was filled with electricity. I found no comfort in sleep as the rapid visuals and messages did not let up until about 3 am. It all began around midnight. I spoke out loud – articulating my appreciation for both the beauty and challenges of my life and the amazing contact and communion that I have had with extraterrestrial intelligence. I was here in Chaco to begin to make sense of this life and how I might help in the future. The first thing I heard was the lyric to one of the very first songs that I wrote – 16 years ago – about my contact in 1991.

I found myself scanning the skies… looking for those saucers that fly… and in my head they said, ‘On the inside, not the outside, we fly direct to your heart and mind’ – Descend on Me, by Eileen Meyer and the Modern Peasants 1997

With that reminder, I felt my body being sucked like a magnet into the Earth. I was instantaneously one with Gaia and all of her natural beings. I was then reminded, as I had been numerous times over the years, that this is the conduit to communion with our off-planet family – our own Mother Earth. Feel, know, and be one with Her, and you are in vibrational, resonant, heart-communion with all intelligent, benevolent life throughout the cosmos.

I was then shown many things… so many things that it feels like it will take me a year to unravel it all. So I am simply content to invite it to come out as I write, speak, and sing over time.

The blue square is back, as well as the blue star.

The blue-square portal that I was shown in my 6/24 dream by the lion-being, and lucidly experienced myself, came into full focus again. I was being shown that the blue inter-dimensional square was right here – in Chaco Canyon. This I would see and understand with more clarity the next day. Once back at home, I did some research and unraveled that the “blue star” I was shown, refers to the blue-star kachina in the Hopi Prophecies, and it apparently represents the star-system, Sirius. (Again, I don’t have time to synthesize all of this now, I’m offering links if you are interested in exploring further, but for now I am remaining with what I was directly given.)

By 3 am I was completely exhausted and needed to empty my bladder. I took a flashlight and Bodhi-Dog with me to the campground bathrooms. When I emerged, I walked about halfway back to the tent and looked up to the breathtaking canopy of stars.


Straight ahead in the southern sky, I saw this “thing” that hovered in one spot. It then got bigger, as if coming closer, and then receded again. When I told Eduardo about it the next day, he asked me why I didn’t come running to get him and the camera. My answer is, “I have no idea.” I have found that when these things happen, there is a dream-like, other-dimensional vibe that takes over rational thought. So… I’m sorry that I don’t have more than my little drawing here. The two parallel, horizontal, light bars seemed to be held together by two vertical, “thinner” connectors… if that makes any sense. The glowing light was not even remotely like an airplane… nothing about it was like anything I’ve ever seen. I’m sure I will receive more about this in the future too. For now you have my words and scribbles.

June 26th. Anasazi Kivas are better than Christmas. The blue box was the best gift ever!

IMG_1570We packed up the tent and camping gear, and began the 9-mile road trip around the ruins. I’m hoping to expand on this section in the future, for now, I will say that I certainly didn’t think anything could get more exciting than the night before, but it did. I have many photos of the ruins and they are all spectacular, but our last stop was beyond exciting. I hiked up the hill to see the Casa Rinconada Kiva – the largest of them all. The energy in and around me was off the charts exciting and joyful. My heart so LOVED being there. I became so lost in the energy that I forgot to snap the most important photo of all – the one that brings this all home – so I borrowed it from another photographer online (thank you). Here are my inter-dimensional windows – in plain sight. It looked exactly like this in my dream with the lion-being. WOW! And the energy I felt with this recognition truly drove it home.

bluewindowkivaAt the same time I was seeing images of a giant vertical tube of light shooting down into the earth and up into the sky – crossing over the horizontal lines of light that the Anasazi created with their buildings and roads. This was the intersection that I had been invited to! I felt an inner confirmation that these kivas were inter-dimensional, time-travel portals. In my mind’s eye, I saw beings transferring into the cosmos as well as into inner Earth. I could see that some of them migrated horizontally, but most of them entered the light and went underground or passed through the blue windows… just like I did the other night in the dream.

I haven’t had time to research this to see if anyone else has seen/felt/discovered this. I just wanted to share it with you while it was still fresh.

I’ll leave you with this glorious theme of synchronicity. In keeping with the one heart, puzzle-piece theme, everywhere I looked while in Chaco I saw hearts. I only have three captured on camera, but just know that there were too many to count.


One of many heart stones I saw in Chaco


Even Bodhi spilled his water in the shape of a heart


A perfect little heart inside a perfect little geode

Some say that the Four Corners Region and Chaco Canyon is the heart-center of Gaia. I resonate with that. It was Chaco that showed me that we are the ancient future. We are standing in the crossroads of an entirely new way of being – awake and aware of our connection to the Earth, as well as the stars. And it may seem like we have been many little separate hearts, scattered here and there on a barren desert floor, but more and more of us are truly showing up in this intersection of consciousness. We are riding the light, and we are remembering that we are The ONEs we’ve been waiting for, on Earth… and beyond. / link to original article

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