Dutchsinse – Mystery Texas RADAR Pulse – Professionals Vexed While Blaming Birds / Bugs – 2 July 2013

Uploaded on 1 July 2013 by dutchsinse

Weather propaganda story linked here:


and even more here:


Summary of this story (by dutchsinse) based on reality, not propaganda from the national weather service.

A giant RADAR pulse appeared out of Dallas Texas… multiple systems recorded the pulse as “storms” which appeared as strong cells, hail, and damaging winds.

Only problem with that was : It was a clear day.

Local residents report a crystal clear day, with NO dust storms, no large 500 mile wide flocks of birds, and not an invasion of a trillion bugs.

The meteorologists are still playing the shell game with you all, and the skeptics feed into the bunk cover stories like this. Blaming dust, birds, bugs for storm returns.

Man behind the curtain says: “Nevermind the RADAR producing ghost storms on clear days… and nevermind that there aren’t flocks of birds 500 miles wide.. and nevermind there’s no dust storm… and NEVERMIND THE PROFESSIONALS THOUGHT THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEIR RADAR !!”

lol… epic fail on their part… they’d do better to stay quiet on the lame cover stories, and just deny its happening at all.

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