Ruth Ryden – Ruth & The Masters Of Light – July 2013 – 2 July 2013

ruth-rydenMasters, what do you see for this old world this coming month as storm systems just seem to keep coming?

“First of all, the world is not coming to an end! The doom-sayers will be busy with alarming predictions as storms continue to rage across continents and oceans for at least another year. Your planet is undergoing changes precipitated by the emergence of higher frequencies in the universe that will also be observed even by the Mars explorations on that planet.

Sporadic movements of the earth’s crust will continue to cause quakes and tsunamis to many parts of the world. Rising temperatures and unexpected cold fronts will arrive almost without normal expectations and confront humanity with the necessity of caring for each other when power or food supplies are interfered with.

July will bring some unexpected changes in weather conditions from the Arctic down through South America as a small shift in the position of the planet within the solar system will be experienced as a climate change, but will not be permanent as the shift will correct itself within a few months

You may realize continual high temperatures this month, with some very powerful rain storms. Flooding will continue to be a problem in many areas and coastal cities will have power difficulties from either rising waters or actual tsumanis from shifting plates in the Atlantic and Paciic Oceans.

Although you are hearing about a lot of earthquakes around the world, we see them to be mostly minor in nature. Volcanic eruptions in the news, especially along the South American coastal regions, will continue for some time, but not to the extent of serious situations for most cities and villages.

Australia’s climates will be changing drastically in the next year, as drier conditions make ranching and farming most difficult. Antarctica will continue to warm and the huge ice packs melt a little more each year, until there will be a completely new appearance to this part of your world. New land will gradually appear with new opportunities for humans and wild life.

Your world is not coming to an end. It is continually forming new life and new lands for humanity that will give even those who have not had healthy or wealthy ways of life a new beginning and the realization that working together is the only true way to live.

Europe’s continent is also undergoing some drastic changes as ocean waters will continue to rise and cause cities to move further inland. The British Islands will find treasured lands becoming water-logged; residents will have to look ahead to provide for a different way of life in the near future.

Life on Planet Earth is the ongoing consequence of continual creation, bringing new opportunities and adventures around every corner. Better to explore new lands and ways of living, than to poke into past centuries of broken dreams.

July will be a month to pay attention to your health, your safety, your children, and positive attitudes. Help those who need assistance and listen to your own inner soul to find your future, day by day.”

From the Masters: The Gift Of Patience

Sometimes life isn’t all you’d like it to be. One’s own shortcomings seem to be all too obvious and the irritating actions and attitudes of others grate on the nerves. Sound familiar?

Parents and teachers have told you over the years to be patient with yourselves and others, biting back the angry retorts and turning away from arguments. That wasn’t easy to learn,but society demands that the self-control necessary for patience is almost mandatory in order to exist side by side with so many people down through a lifetime.

Friends, supervisors, family members, know how to press your buttons and seem to take delight in doing so, or do it without realizing how it roils up the resentment and anger within your chest, or heart chakra. In order to keep peace, you say nothing, turn away, or try to make some conciliatory remark to clear the air – your air, anyway. But what
happens inside? It doesn’t go away that easily, does it?

Stress is an ugly word and does ugly things to the mind and body, which is no news to anyone today. Holding in the anger, resentment and hurt builds up dangerous levels of stress in millions of people today. In countries where freedom of speech and ideas are withheld with threats of prison or violence, imagine the stress levels! Even on a small scale in everyday life, patience results in pushing down the hurt and resentment, but do they ever go away?

Many people who are considered practically saints by their loved ones and friends act in a manner than no one can take exception to all their lives, but inwardly they are just as prone to anger, hurt and resentment as anyone else. They learned early in life to hide it all away and put on a mark of humility and goodness. Sometimes they are able to pull it off their entire lifetimes, sometimes the dam breaks and havoc results.

Patience is not always seen in this way, however. It is something each individual needs to learn as they go through school, trying to learn the essential knowledge that is necessary to exist in a civilized world. Again, it is a matter of self-control of the mind, an attitude that understands that study is necessary – that sometimes it takes time to learn what you’d like to learn immediately. The system of sports in your society is a good teacher for this kind of patience. It is obvious that one must try, over and over again, to achieve mastery of the body and the mind in order to succeed.

Patience in this instance becomes an acceptance of one’s own capabilities and liabilities and working with them without being angry or disillusioned with one’s own self-personality. Learning patience with oneself – loving oneself, no matter what, is one of the prime lessons in life. It is another matter to have patience with the rest of humanity!

As a personality learns about life on his/her own terms, one begins to take pride in the knowledge, the accomplishments that have been acquired. Nothing wrong with that – you should be proud of what you achieve! The problem arises when a person then tends to judge everyone else by that standard, becoming impatient when the subject matter is not understood by a listener, or misunderstood to the extent of trying to put down the speaker.

In relationships, let’s be realistic: Few men have the sense of neatness that women do. Men stroll through life without worrying about all of the little things and can do without a spotless house or garage or shop. Women, for the most part, are still the homemakers and love to see their homes looking nice. That hasn’t changed since time began. It takes patience on the part of both partners to live within the normal habitats of the other!

How can a relationship succeed when there is such a difference in each other’s thinking and habits? It is a matter of accepting the fact that there is a difference in thinking and doing things. The old axiom, “Accept what you cannot change!” is an important one today. No one is perfect and every one of you has mannerisms or habits that irritate someone else. It is a matter of letting yourselves become irritated.

Patience is difficult when one is a care-giver. Sick people see everything in a different way – primarily from their own needs and/or pain. Even doctors and nurses who have dealt with being patient for years sometimes get worn down by the demands of their patients or the minds that cannot understand what is being said to them any longer.

No one can reach perfection to the point of never feeling they just can’t stand it another minute longer!

Now listen! The only real medicine that can cure the stress, the hurt, the resentments, is pure love! Sure, you’ve heard this before, many times. Now, however, understand that this is a healing procedure. A healing procedure for you! As you become impatient with a person or a circumstance, stop – and turn your attention to that other person or circumstance and surround it with a cloud of pure Love – however you may see it. Perhaps a pink cloud – maybe a swirling white mist – whatever. Concentrate on that one thought – that person needs love, whether or not he/she is actually doing something inconsiderate or just acting out their own nature.

Putting that Love energy between you and he/she/it completely dissolves the hurt/resentment/stress of trying to ignore it, put up with it or being patient! This Love Energy is an extremely powerful thing in your lives. Learning to use it for yourselves and other does create miracles! It is Healing Energy. It is Creative Energy. It is the life force that is at the base of everything you know, whether you realize it or not.

You don’t need to spend your lives under the thumb of tense nerves and emotions, pushing down into your subconscious and the nervous system all of the things you just can’t stand in the world! If this is where you are, it’s going to take some special time to really think it through. A lot of what you’re feeling has been there a long time, building up year after year. It won’t go away over night.

Start by pinning down something that really ticks you off – constantly! Is there any way it can be changed? If not, start delving deep into your own place of serenity – that inner place of peace in your body that controls the energy to all of your cells – known as the Heart Chakra.

Relax and feel the love, strength and peace that is there – it is, you know. When you start to feel that warm glow, let it envelope your entire mind and body. Then – then, send it out to enfold the boss, the teacher, the co-worker, the companion! Sometimes you may see a strange look on a face, something said or a change in position. Sometimes it takes awhile to soak through someone’s defenses they have built up over the years.

Regardless, now see how you feel! The tension is gone. You can now accept the situation. As you learn to work with the Love Energy, sort out the old resentments and send that energy to those people or situations that produced them in the first place.

Be very aware, when you are dealing with this kind of Universal Energy, time and space have no meaning. Even sending this to someone you haven’t seen in years will heal the inner wound you may carry, and traverse time to give them a lift, too. Usually, the  wounds you may carry are self-inflicted.

When you can recognize and accept that fact, the healing procedure will be much easier. It is your own reactions to the world and its events that set up the resistance to the patience you have learned to endure.

“Tweeting” mentally good thoughts of hope and strength to those who need them is also the way to send healing vibrations to others, as well as to the spiritual beings you pray to, for you are all one! Accept, understand, cooperate, be generous, be considerate. Is that really so hard?


When you suddenly feel a rush of warmth and good feelings, know that someone might be loving away the impatience they might otherwise feel because of some action of yours that pushed their button, or just sending you some of the affection they feel for you in some way. Accepting those feelings will make your day! Life is what you make it.”

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