Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – When Flowers Fade In The Garden – 4 July 2013

gods20handGod said:

From whence did the idea come that life on Earth is to be full of stress and strain? Who says that life on Earth must include suffering? Must what seems like suffering have to be suffering?

When flowers fade in the garden, you take it as a matter of course. You do not weep for flowers that go to ground for the winter only to rise again in spring. And, yet, when your friends and family go to ground in what is called death, it is a given in the world that you will mourn, your heart will ache. It feels as if a dirty trick has been perpetuated on you. You insist that your loved one’s body is to live forever when, all the while, your loved ones’ souls never cease.

What is so wrong for a loved one of yours to take a rest, to be renewed, to be off center-stage?

You may have the feeling that you can’t go on without the presence of your loved one. It is inevitable that you will go on. Your heart will gather up its blessings. You will continue living and loving.

In the world, you have learned to mourn. It has become expected of you.

Have other expectations. When you come down to it, you no longer have to think that bodies are really to live forever. It is a given that souls live forever. No matter how much you may love a loved one’s bodily presence, your living and loving are not dependent upon another’s bodily presence.

You are all eternal. So, then, why must bodily loss hold sway as the end-all, be-all?

Time does not march on. Souls do. Souls do not fluctuate. Souls are steady, full course ahead.

Your life and your happiness are not dependent upon anyone else. You think so, yet you do not have to think so. Because a loved one has taken a breather from Earth life does not have to incur suffering. Life is eternal, regardless of where life takes place at any given moment.

You have the freedom to love and to live. Bless your loved ones who take a journey ahead of you. Their life continues. They don’t leave you. Only their bodily form has dropped away. So essential does their bodily presence seem to you. So important, so necessary the body seems to you, yet the body is a flash in the pan. Bodies don’t survive. Souls do, and souls enjoy. You are soul. Everyone is soul.

There is every reason to free your loved ones to their good and free yourself from holding back your love for fear that, sooner or later, love hurts. Love is not intended to incur heartache. Heartache is something you impose on yourself. Suffering is not natural. Suffering does not have to be. Suffering is an add-on that is not required.

We return again to the theme that there is no loss. There is no ownership, and there is no loss. Life and love are eternal.

It is yourself you cry for. This isn’t love. It is not love for your loved ones, nor is it love for yourself. It is hanging on.

Pity no one, not yourself and not another.

Do not think that life is cut short. There is no end to life. There is end to the physical. The physical is not everything. The physical, no matter how essential it seems to be to you, is a passing phase. When the physical takes a pause, life is renewed. Life is a continuum. It cannot really be called the forever after. It is the forever now. A form changed. Form is just a form.

You do not have to mourn. Be glad your loved ones are alive in another dimension where happiness reigns, and there is no thought of suffering. Suffering is a man-made thing.

You were not made to suffer. It is not noble to suffer. You don’t have to. There are no good-byes. There is Eternity. / link to original article

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