Lucas – Happy 4th Of July! – 4 July 2013

USA-flagHappy 4th of July! Maybe think on this day if you are really free.

The evidence and news show the opposite. Maybe think and go read the alternative media, discern yourselves and get searching, questioning and  investigate yourselves. A lot is already known and researched but you never saw it or heard it as you only got your news from the manipulated mainstream media.

Enjoy your day and remember freedom is within you. Peace is within you. Truth is within you. If you see that you will see all things on the outside change accordingly.

If you’re going to be an activist : be non-compliant, be civil disobedient, be peaceful in your actions. It is about turning tables around not destroying them. We need to come together to unite not to divide.

Change is already happening even when you maybe not seeing it in this moment and in your perception. Maybe that perception is something you can look into. Question your own routines, patterns, knowing, ideas, dogmas, beliefs,  etc.  It might be you are holding yourself back in the change evolving.

Love and Light,

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