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Japan : Olympus Trio Avoid Prison For Fraud – 4 July 2013

Former Olympus President Michael C. Woodford | BLOOMBERG Former Olympus Chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa | KYODO

(Picture : Left former Olympus president Michael C. Woodford  and right former Olympus Chairman Tsuyoshi  Kikukawa)

Ex-execs guilty of hiding massive losses; firm fined ¥700 million Continue reading

AmericanKabuki – UNITY: The Movie – A Very Inspiring Kickstarter Project – 4 July 2013


Link to video info for funding

UNITY: The Movie — a very inspiring Kickstarter project Continue reading

Wes Annac – Bridging The Earthly And Higher Self – 4 July 2013

(See bottom for more info about the bridge pictured)

“Don’t know your past, don’t know your future” – Ziggy Marley

This article has been a long time coming, as I’ve been working to recognize and Love every facet of myself, rather than attempt to Live a Life away from the facets that would be easier to avoid. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Snail Mail Surveillance : The US Postal Service’s Low-Tech Spy Program –

(Photo: aburt/ Flickr)

NYT report: “Snail mail is subject to the same kind of scrutiny that the National Security Agency has given to telephone calls and e-mail” Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Eleven Revolutionary Ways To Celebrate Your Independence From The System On This July 4th –

NaturalNews-FBSymbol(NaturalNews) For this July 4th — Independence Day — you’re going to see a lot of articles reminding us about the real history of Independence Day and how America fought for freedom against a tyrannical empire. Those articles are valuable and useful, but this year, I’ve decided to take a different approach: Let’s celebrate all the ways you can achieve independence right NOW, today, in 2013. Continue reading

Montague Keen Of 1st July 2013 – 4 July 2013

montague-keen(Lucas : As the messages is not anymore coming regularly on Sunday it is easy to miss out with all the news. So here is the Montague Keen now posted. )

You are witnessing the final desperate attempts to hold the matrix together. As many of you wake up to the power of your own minds, you refuse to remain silent. You want to share your discoveries with others. You are finding that everyone is eager to learn. They are not prepared to be locked into serving the Cabal anymore. Some armies are at last waking up and questioning what they are being ordered to do. They realise that they are expendable, and of no significance; that one day, they too, will be killed by those they serve.
Continue reading

Canada : High River Citizens Rightfully Suspicious As RCMP Changes Story Over Removal Of Guns – 4 July 2013

The emergency declarations in place in southern Alberta certainly gave the RCMP the authority to enter private homes in High River without need of a warrant. But why were they removing firearms?

As usual following a false flag, the story changes as the establishment/media do damage control after RCMP’s overstepping of citizens’ rights in Albert gun confiscation. They can spin it any way they like, but it doesn’t change what happened.

Officers said residents left their guns “scattered about” when they fled the high waters. Really? Scattered about? Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – When Flowers Fade In The Garden – 4 July 2013

gods20handGod said:

From whence did the idea come that life on Earth is to be full of stress and strain? Who says that life on Earth must include suffering? Must what seems like suffering have to be suffering?

When flowers fade in the garden, you take it as a matter of course. You do not weep for flowers that go to ground for the winter only to rise again in spring. And, yet, when your friends and family go to ground in what is called death, it is a given in the world that you will mourn, your heart will ache. It feels as if a dirty trick has been perpetuated on you. You insist that your loved one’s body is to live forever when, all the while, your loved ones’ souls never cease. Continue reading