Peter Van Runt And Lucas – Listen To Our Second “Double Dutch Radio”Episode – 5 July 2013

Uploaded on 4 July 2013 by peter van runt On this soundcloud link you can download a mp3 version.

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Double Dutch Radio : Enjoy our second show.

Peter interviews in our second show Sean O’ Connor on 432hz tuning and Lucas interviews in the viewpoint of the now Brian Kelly. We have a promo interview with MCSuperKenn and play several of his tracks  along with one from Eileen Meyer. Also we tried to contact Guru Don’t Giverchit for an interview but got just his second in line Sakchit Ananda. We hope to get an interview next episode.  In between we have our “fake”commercial broadcasts and several newsflashes with the news headlines of the past week. We still ask musicians to get in touch with us to promote their music. For real sponsoring of the show you can donate at the website and maybe you will get to hear us live in future.

The radio show will evolve with the flow of things. Our website  is  updated. We are gonna stream also in future with live interviews or backgrounds and we will  have a space for videos and articles. As said all will evolve in the flow of things.

Music this episode from:

-Eileen Meyer : /

-MC Superkenn :

MCSuperKenn playing live in Portland Oregon USA at Goodfoot Sonic Forum on monday 8th July sometime between 19.30 and 21.30 pm.

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Have fun and enjoy, love Peter and Lucas !