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So how do we stay fresh as we continue along on this draining journey to a better world? I think one of the more important things for us to concentrate on as we march along to freedom, is making sure we continue to do things for the FIRST time! We so easily settle into our old routines, but it is crucial we do new things all the time to stay fresh and to keep our minds aware and awake to all possibilities. It can be as simple as driving a different route to work or cooking something you’ve never considered eating before. Whatever you choose to do, do it mindfully, pay close attention to what you benefit from by doing something new. In other words don’t do it and we remain locked into our autopilot mind. This is the habit we are needing to break. If we remain on autopilot we stop really feeling and being in touch with what we are doing. We deaden ourselves within and become shells of who we truly are. That true being within needs to come out and play so we must be willing to open our doors and invite it out!

I do a great deal of reading and listen to a lot of spiritual audios of people offering their gifts and outlook on life. Quite often these internet shows will have exercises to do and I am always amazed at each new little kernel of myself I uncover every time. It always stretches  my thinking and challenges me to go to new places in my mind. I think it is what keeps me growing and knowing myself better.We all need to be connecting with self more now and establishing strong bonds with ourselves. We all need to know we can count on ourselves when the going gets rough and yes, I think we are in for a bumpy ride for a while as we transition into a new world. Change never comes about without some discomfort and upheaval. If we can count on ourselves to be strong, we will weather the storm unharmed.

Staying positive in our thinking also helps to keep us fresh. When we are positive we are open to all possibilities and we know no limits! There is a great deal to be bummed out about in the world right now, but this is our challenge, to find the positive in all things and stay focused there. This kind of action helps to focus the light and love onto the planet and if we are all doing this, we are strong and the light grows very bright. In any given situation when things or times are down, pay attention to yourself. How do you react, what do you automatically do, how do you think? Pay attention and make a concerted effort to fight the urge to fall into the downward thinking and stay light and look for the good, the lesson to be learned. Do this enough and it becomes habit and life will change for you dramatically.

Essentially, the one big lesson we are learning on this journey, is that our lives are a blank canvas and it is up to us to create the masterpiece of our lives. It is always our choice what kind of life we lead no matter what hand we have been dealt. So stay fresh, do new things often, try to engage in life through positive eyes and live your life knowing you are always doing the very best you can.

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