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I ran across a quote today that I found most thought-provoking and thought I  would share it with you. “What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?” Quote by Thomas Merton.  Oh how insightful those words are. We are so eager to go forth and discover new worlds and conquer others, yet we have not even figured ourselves out first! How have we allowed ourselves to become so distracted by the world that we have lost interest in understanding ourselves and striving to become the best that we can be? We are totally unable to settle our differences without war and yet we wish to conquer outer space. Our priorities are so warped, we seem to be guilty of destroying the world in which we live so we think moving on to a new one will solve our problems. We are not growing and evolving as we should be, we seem to be running in place on our hamster wheel or God forbid even worse, going backwards.

Albert Einstein was so right on when he said ” We cannot solve our problems with the same minds that created them”.  He didn’t mean we had to find new people to do the changing, what he meant was we ourselves as a society had to change ourselves and evolve forward before we could solve our problems. If we didn’t grow nothing was going to change! We are at that cusp right now of needing to change if we are to make right with the world. We cannot continue forward existing the same way we have been doing for eons. We have run our ship onto the sandbar and we are unable to get off unless we lighten our load and push off when high tide comes in. Just sitting there and hoping we will get loose will never work.

Society must come to grip with itself and what we have done and continue to do, not only to ourselves but to each other. It is time to push the mindless, petty, distractions aside and look closely in the mirror at ourselves, ask the hard questions, pay close attention and start to make drastic changes if we are to survive. I see people on the internet write about prepping for the end times, worrying about a financial collapse, martial law etc. and while these are all worth our serious consideration, I have to wonder when anyone is going to put changing society as a whole on that list? What good is stored food and water if society doesn’t make the necessary changes to move forward and out of this rut we are stuck in?

Priorities are such an important part of life! It gives us direction and helps us to pay closer attention to what matters most in life. If we don’t have priorities how will we ever know what needs our attention and work to better ourselves, both individually and as a society?Part of working on ourselves must involve having strong priorities and sticking to them. We seem to be aimlessly wandering about in the world with no compass. No morals, no priorities, no direction. This dilemma can only be solved when we stand up for ourselves and decide what matters in life and fight for it, taking a stand and digging in. We need to grow a strong spine and stand tall again instead of slinking along with our tails between our legs. Whose world is this anyway? Who are we? Let’s find out and be the change we so desperately need!

I may take a breather next week. For how long I am not certain but my own life needs some quiet time to reflect and evolve to where I want to be. The work on self never ends, at least it shouldn’t. I shall return soon. Have a happy and find out who you are, who we are!

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