TheOne-DreamDreamer – Found Your Twin Flame? – 7 July 2013

Probably not… and you’re probably spending enough of your energy looking for it. Till you find one, THE one, who’s perfect and it is your real twin… until you move one cause there’s too much to it and one of you runs away. Then comes the next real twin. And so on and so forth.

But how come? How many twins can we find? Cause… you were so SURE that was THE ONE!

Well a lot in fact. A whole bunch of them. At least a number with 4 or 5 zeros behind it if I’m not wrong, but if I am then it’s more than that for sure! Why? Simply cause you’re a fractal, a fragment of your soul. Each time you come here a part of you stays “up there”. And each time you die a part of you stays with your soul family and those you loved and who loved you. Getting it? So imagine all the life experiences a soul has… and start counting. 3 divisions every time.

This way it’s not a wonder anymore when you meet someone you feel you already know! And it’s no wonder that you might also fall in love with that one. You’re actually falling in love with your self. Another aspect of your self. And if that is attracting you in the beginning… to keep loving your self you must really LOVE YOUR SELF, for in those eyes you love you will see all those parts you might have hidden to yourself.

The myth of one and only one twin flame is the biggest BS the new age has come up with. It is dis-empowering and depletes a lot of soul energy in a world of separation where one feels the urge to reunite into oneness. This urge is then spent -again and again- in looking for some outside missing parts of you. There’s no such thing. A soul can fragment over and over and over again without loosing a single sparkle of God. This means you are full already. Thus… you need to complete your awareness of being complete. You need to take IN all your parts without choosing the ones you prefer over others. It’s all You. And once you’ve danced with your shadows and allowed them their (your) expression… then you’ll boost into what is called the All.

And then you’ll become able to have a different relationship with your self. Both the part you are in you and the part you might see in someone else. For you’ve seen and lived it all. You used your e-motions (God given motion to experience and master this life) to range in the spectrum of human-ity. Then you become a Master. And then and only then you’re able to choose freely. Until then… you’re still part of a system. It does not matter if it’s a money, power or spiritual system. Until you’ve danced with your shadows, all of them, and enjoyed the dance cause you’ve understood the power in it, you’re a slave of your e-motions and not a Master of human experience.

There’s thousands of yous walking on the planet right now, and there’s thousands of yous everywhere in Creation. You talk to your self when you channel, you talk to your self if you meet shadows, you talk to your self if you meet ETs. You talk to your self in the past and in the future… And each one of you has your same free choice and will you have. Some you(s) are more awake than you are, some are less and some might be completely asleep and actually doing those things you even fight against.

Try to guess why…

Not popular… I know. But it will soon become common knowledge. It’s all a matter of getting out of all those teachings about spirituality and start experiencing YOUR SPIRIT by your self. Answers will come. Faster than you imagine (if you’re really open to see and Know).
Yes, the truth will set you free and yes it will piss you off a lot at times. But what’s worst?

Enjoy your parts of you and make this place an en-JOY-abel place. It starts the day you start trusting your self :-)

I AM YOU. / link to original article


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