John Ward – A President, A Pope, A Prime Minister, And A Paedophilic Care System: Why They Should All Be More Accountable – 8 July 2013


Time for  an end to Hyde and Seek

Some things never change.

The Dodd-Frank financial reform act – a law designed to stop the madness that caused the 2008 financial crisis – was passed almost three years ago. About 30% of the  legislation has been agreed in Congress so far…and it’s all behind schedule. The Fed Reserve, for example, has granted Goldman Sachs a further two years to spread its ‘risky’ (aka insane frontal-lobe syndrome) trading forms across other Goldman group companies. Most of America’s megabanks were granted the same ridiculous leniency during June. We are witnessing lobbyist filibustering on an epic scale here: and it’s the ordinary Joes and Janes who are already being asked to pick up the tab. It is beyond appalling, and on its way past Bourbon monarchs in its arrogant unfairness.


The depraved corruption of the Vatican continues to amaze. Behind a disguised offshore company structure, the church’s international investment portfolio has been built up over eighty-five years, using cash donated by Mussolini in return for papal recognition of the Italian fascist regime in 1929.

Mussolini’s ‘gift’ is now worth an eye-popping half a billion quid. Most of it is in assets (not currency) so when the Big Tsunami finally swamps we mere mortals, the Church of Rome will be sitting pretty: the representative on Earth of a religion that urges us to shun wordly goods.

The Vatican has gone to inordinate lengths to keep the Mussolini millions secret. A St James’s Square office block in London, for example, was purchased on the Church’s behalf by British Grolux Investments Ltd. There is nothing at Companies House to suggest anything even remotely to do with the Vatican. This in the name of a saviour who believed that no lie was ever justified.

It is beyond hypocrisy, and creeping up the League Table of perversion towards the Number One slot.


The real motivation behind Abenomics in Japan (the suicidal QEplus policy being adopted by the Tokyo Government) is only now beginning to emerge. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (part of a very posh Nipponese fanily) is a man with a mission: to erase the bitter stain of defeat and attain personal political redemption with a victory in a national election this month. Both Allies and critics agree the 58-year-old Japanese leader will not rest until the votes are counted and his ruling bloc is in control of the chamber…. reversing a humiliating defeat that led to his resignation six years ago.

Abe’s close ally Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference last week as the official campaign commenced, “We must resolve the split in parliament through this upper house election. By doing so, Prime Minister Abe can finally get his revenge from the defeat of six years ago.” Ah yes. We must of course f**k up the lives of millions so one Japanese preppy can get his own back. Oh the joy of observing human humility. Especially the Japanese version.

It is well past hubris, and about to surpass megalomania.


And of course, no post such as this would be complete without the cover-up of psychotic sex sadists slavering over damaged care-home kids. The original 1994 Jillings Report into physical and sexual abuse at children’s homes in North Wales has finally been published. Its conclusion – that there was “extensive” mistreatment of young people over a “substantial” number of years – was suppressed – get this – ‘amid fears it could open up the authority to compensation claims’. Were that the real reason, it would be horrendous enough. But if you believe that limp excuse, frankly you’d believe any old cobblers.

The panel that investigated the abuse had ‘expressed concern that there was no independent mechanism to investigate serving or former police officers implicated in abuse. And it said it had simply not been able to address some areas including the suggestion that public figures had been involved in abuse.’ Really? Why on earth not?

It is beyond horrific, and zooming towards obscenity.


So there we are then: Homo sapiens at his best. Except that his best just isn’t good enough any more, because there is far too much at stake. The Age of Dr Jekyll is past: the Age of Mr Hyde is upon us.

Anyone enough of a clown to think we can deregulate Man in the current cultural environment either needs their bumps feeling, or has a nasty agenda. I know which my money is on.

Onwards and upwards: we will have the bastards yet. / link to original article

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