AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – It’s Not What You Think – From An Ultra-Terrestrial Contactee – 9 July 2013

JustMeI don’t believe I could be more vulnerable here, but I’ve realized that I can’t move forward until I am bold enough to offer you a peek into my relationship and conundrums with extra or ultra terrestrial consciousness. Bottom line is, this inter-dimensional intelligence is NOT what you think – literally.

Years ago “they” taught me to dialog – honestly – out loud. The more honest I am, the quicker that I link into “contact” with this expanded consciousness. In this recorded audio go-round, and all rounds that came before, these raw and vulnerable feelings always lead to more clarity and resolve. I pressed “record” because I thought I was going to channel. Instead you get me – as real as I can be. I’ve been called a channel, but frankly speaking, I dislike the term very much. I am a communer/translator. (If you know of anyone else that describes it this way, I really need to know about it.) Of course, “they” add that I haven’t yet offered this degree of courage to expose my process and a full history of my contact. And very simply put, others like myself can’t find me until I do. I’ve been told that if I’m bold enough to share my evolutionary process – from being a child to adult contactee to a translator, to the awareness now that I agreed to participate in this… well, before time – others will be relieved to have a mirror in the 3D world and perhaps come forward with their contact and ongoing communion stories.

I can no longer drain myself and all the energy that it takes to reduce this to palatable and pretty words. It actually makes me feel sick to hold back now. In fact, my working theory is that one reason human beings get “sick” is that they hold back who they really are over time. I’m not prepared to go down that path yet. At least I have to try to breakthrough this wall.

I get confused and off-balance when I can’t find a mirror in my world for this kind of contact. Ufologist Philip Imbrogno coined the term, “UltraTerrestrial” – defined as “anything outside of our physical reality” and thus, encompassing entities from other dimensions and parallel worlds. He explained that his work aims to “combine string theory and quantum physics into the paranormal.”  It feels like a move in the right direction.

Maybe there are many others out there like me, but they are afraid to lose their image and position in life. I guess my whole point is, once we experience this kind of contact, we quickly realize that what we once thought was “life”… well it just isn’t. I’ve got nothing to lose anymore, so… I’ll go. My intent is to get out of the objectification and addiction to spaceships and what planet these strange-looking beings come from, and shift over to the deep, inner transformational effects of contact. I always disagreed with the X-Files’ statement, “The Truth is Out There”. Oh contrare… it’s IN here.

A few tears in the beginning, but they pass… link to original article

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