Sophia Love – The Warrior’s Secret – 9 July 2013 looks to have been set up at the very “highest levels” is the lesson of Unity.  Even “levels” is a misnomer – it is us.  It is only our awareness, limited by our physical bodies, that defines that which we are conscious of.  We have a very specific job to do.  We all do and we are equally important in the doing of it.

Nothing will deter you from that job because you are a part of life.  Life pursues itself and is relentless in that pursuit.  Whatever role you came to play you are playing right now.  Each movement has been choreographed – not by some other; by you.  There is no other.

The idea of someone to fight is yours.  It is in no way actually “real”.  It’s all a part of the game you came to play.

You can persist in polarity if you so choose, but at this moment ask yourself “Why would I?”  You’ve played this game for a very long time; lifetimes in fact.  Here is the big secret – it’s never going to end. It cannot.  It cannot because all is One.  You cannot defeat yourself.  You will always survive.  Eternity is a fact.

We have an opportunity to do something else, something different; to discover a life lived in unity.

We don’t know what that looks like – not yet.  The children are giving us clues, yet we’ve never done it.  The world is ripe for oneness.  The Universe demands it.  The polarity game is yesterdays focus.  It keeps you looking at shadows – time to look elsewhere.

It is summer here and the bugs have begun to invade.  I am struck this year with a new thought about this – “How can we all live together?”  There is still a part of me that wants them dead and gone and in truth it’s not a small part.  Yet with closer examination I discover that what I am mostly interested in is them out of my way and no longer destroying my home and property.  I’d be happy with that.

Life is relentless.  Every year I encounter unexpected versions of it enjoying the same space I am.  I will not stop this from happening.  I can only cooperate with it; move things around to increase my comfort and ability to prosper.

What this means for oneness I’m not exactly sure.  I have written in the past of “Warrior Angels” and the work they’ve been engaged in.  There are many.  They are powerful and driven.

I am suspecting now their ultimate goal.  I believe they are here to end the fight.  As long as there are warriors there will be war.  The battle is within.  It is upon them to discover a new way to do this.  They are here now in such large numbers for a reason.  The compulsion to evolve is constant.  The tendency to lead is held in essence.

These powerful beings, in their acceptance of infinite truth, will blaze a path of unity.  They will vanquish the “enemy” and when the struggle ceases realize there was no one there – it was an illusion.  The only truth is agape.  In this game of polarity, self love demands the greatest effort.

This is life in its most brilliant.  No one but you could have set this up so perfectly.  The answers emerge within.  They are not held elsewhere.

You are the Masters, the Light and the only One you’ve been waiting for.

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