Lisa Gawlas – The Ties That Bind. The Over Extension That Deplete’s. The Balance That Is Required – 10 July 2013

a_nature_balance_by_jindra12-d3buf9lOhhh the changes are starting to be realized thru the readings.  Two days ago I really thought I was in a karmic exchange with my dire attempt to silence the chirping crickets that set up an invisible house in my bedroom.  (let me tell you, the closer to midnight their singing got, the more lunatic I became!  The next morning, the sound of silence echoed thru the readings, well the first two before my body crashed and burned and fell into a coma.  I wouldn’t have, couldn’t have seen the silence as the moment of change.

What was/is happening became clear as day yesterday.

At any given time in all connections I have, three things that happen to give you as clear a story/understanding as I can muster;  Feeling, seeing, hearing.  When one is missing, I find the story/understanding to be incomplete in fully realizing the light show of your soul in the back yard.  At least… until yesterday.  With the exception of one client, which too tells a bigger story, that familiar audio from our combined teams just didn’t happen.  At least, not like I am accustomed to.  When spirit speaks, it is usually in my kitchen, almost always as if they are standing to my right, unless they need to amplify the connection of the physical life path, then I will hear them directly in my left ear, either way, it has always been a distinct audible voice when they (spirit) “talked.”  Now, depending where you are at vibrationally will depend on how I “hear” your souls communication.

Blending is a good way to describe it I suppose.  It is no longer in discernible words, or voices standing next to me, instead, it is now the very essence of the story of light unfolding in my back yard (your inner and outer field of light.)  It is really hard to put into understandable words.  I can say what it is not… it’s not a “knowing,” nor is it received as an “energy packet” that opens up a deeper understanding.  It is more like the light energy that is you emits a very particular frequency filled with the communication of the event/story being witnessed.  I really feel this is what true “telepathy” is… soul to soul communication as opposed to mind to mind.  Even when the person I was reading for was asking questions, the reply became one with the light source (you) unfolding in my back yard.

Of the 4 connections yesterday, I experienced three this way, the first connection was not like that at all.  But I really do understand why and emphasizes our need to live freely in the spiritual wisdom that we have grown ourselves to Be.

I knew when I attempted to write a blog yesterday, something HUGE changed.  So huge, I could not even harness what I knew the day before to share the understanding of what is happening on so many levels, now.  So I knew the field itself had to have shifted too.

And it did, but nowhere near the way I expected.  First rule of spirit, expect nothing!!  Silly me! lol  I really expected the light show spirit gave me a glimpse of reading on my road trip back to New Mexico to be the feature of this shift, soul colors, edging of the energy field showing the new bells and whistles… nope.  Not even!  Dammit!

My first lovely lady of the day really took me by surprise.  As I extended myself out into the back yard to connect to her soul energy, she wasn’t there.  Instead, I had this human figure, spiking some seriously potent red and blue energy pressed up against my back door.  What the hell??  Obviously we are going to do this reading in my kitchen instead of the fullness of the backyard.  I let her in.

There she was, like someone plugged her into an electrical socket and there was no where for the energy to flow so it spiked everywhere.  Her energetic form was human like, but filled with pure energy that consisted primarily of red (new earth energy) and flecked with blue (soul expression.)   As I scanned her body from head to toe, I suddenly realized what was/is happening to her.  On each ankle were shackles, chains that went into the ground itself.  She is filled with the high frequency of the new earth and all that goes with it, yet chained to an environment that does not support that flow.

I instantly got a parallel with my time in Pennsylvania.  My light field and the collective light field surrounding that area had me tethered to the ground level of Being.  So, I did what I do best, picked the lock at her left ankle to remove the shackle.  The shackle opened, but did not release itself from her, but even in the opening, a thick yellow energy started to bubble out of her ankle area.  The pure energy needed to move forward… or at least the start of it.

I moved over to her right shackle, that was not budging in any way, shape or form.  I even heard her team say, no one but her can release her from this binding.  So, lets take a look at what is binding her.  I placed my vision on the inside of the shackle and there were thin roots growing downward.  These thin roots were all the way around her ankle thingie, so I followed them downwards, knowing they had to emerge from a central point.  About three feet below my floor was a lady surrounded by light.  A mother figure for sure (human, not Gaia.)  ”The ties that bind.”  That phrase was repeated more times than I can remember thru our entire connection.  The sense of obligation.  The sense that someone else knows what better for you than you yourself do.  Our well intended parental figures can have a hold on us that keeps us limited instead of fully free.

Her mom, a great and well intended lady (hence the light field) but from an older earth vibration (hence being 3 feet underground.)  The foundation in which she still lives her life is now creating a binding instead of a free flow.  She has cleared her own inner self enough to be housed with the new energy of Life, but is not free to live that as her soul needs to, so instead of free-flowing with the needed changes/expressions, it is spiking outwards.

One of the things she is ready inside to change, is her job.  Not that she doesn’t like her job, she is just ready to do something new and has been ready for some time.  I love the fact that she literally is a captain of a boat.  Think about how profound that is (given so much of the symbol last year around that image.  She has also become trained as a Reiki Master and that is where she really wants to put her energy, but mom thinks she is crazy.  Good job, god pay for something… well, not as stable.  So she keeps being the captain of everyone else’s journey except her own.

For any of you in a similar situation, it really is time to release the ties that bind you.  Start small, start SOMEWHERE and watch the dominoes fall into place.

My next lovely lady was in complete contrast to my first lady, truly the opposite energy expression.  She arrived in the back yard and it was as if I now had a panoramic view of her entire fields of life.  It was raining hard everywhere.  The energy set up like the stormy day, dark and intensely rainy.  No thunder or lightning tho, just pounding rain.

As I tried to find her in the midst of this pouring rain, I connected to what was restated over and over again in her field of light… a super large tea-cup.  Not a coffee cup, a tea-cup without the little handle on the outside.  Then I watched as her soul expression created some silver wiring and wrapped the wiring from end to end of her outermost fields of life and squeezed, creating a spout that was directly over her really large tea-cup body.

What I find so wonderfully exciting was the release to the partnership of her soul.  The soul knew how to harness the energy, the rain, she was the open container for receiving.  It really was a blend of magic and awe (from my view) for as long as she is not sending the energy out to anyone other than her own, readied container.

We really started to understand this “rain” this incoming life source of energy was souly for her, she needs it for the growth stage she is in.  However, thru her meditations, she distributes energy to all of humanity.  Which really sounds lovely, but my last reading of the day really gave a clearer vision of how unlovely that really is.

So let me straddle the two readings here.  My last reading of the day was a wonderful lady being stretched from her ‘energy sac” into her new form.  I could see the intense multicolored light rain coming down in a very direct point in her landscape of life (starting about a week from now.)  I knew this multicolored rain is the energy needed to jump-start her new form.  Her new form happens to be going to the Grand Tetons around that time too.  I watched as the energy of the Grand Tetons surrounded her and started this, echoing energy back to her.  Talking to her directly.

Some of the information that came out of this amazing connection between her and the Tetons was part of what her next form will be doing.  Removing the excess of energy well intentioned people are pushing into the earth.

Often times, we look at something with our human eyes and instantly think it needs to be fixed.  We send concentrated energy to that, be it another person or the landscape itself.  This actually creates a congestion of energy which is detrimental to its role as a depletion of energy is.

So her new antenna’s will be set to various parts of the landscape so she can remove the excess energy and restore balance.  All I could feel with her is a yin to my yang… I read the pure soul energy of the human, she will read the pure soul energy of the elements of the landscape and do what needs to be done.  Of course, that’s where she will start (smile, wink.)

It is not even really until this morning that I see how perfectly her reading fit with my rain lady.  We really need to focus souly on us, on our soul growth, the expansion, and all that will go with that.  Humanity is affected by our own change within, we do not need to drag them along for a ride they are not yet consciously prepared to take.

If we can really feel with this understanding… the greatest healer of any human is the soul in which they partner with.  For those who do not have an intimate connection with their soul, we are here to help guide the way.  The earth has the greatest healer of all creation as her soul, Gaia.  Do not think for a moment she doesn’t know how to get her own balance restored.  She has been doing this for many billions of years.  She really is good at what she does!! (smile)

When we look out of our human eyes and see raging storms, hurricanes, tornado’s, fires… all the things that mama does to clear her energy field, and we, well intended humans attempt to stop what is in progress or send extra energy to assist, we are actually creating adverse affects.  Now if you really want to assist in the earth energy, shape shift into any give storm, fire, quake, whatever and really feel what is happening.  Talk about a telepathic truth exchange.

I did a similar thing with the huge fire here in the Jemez.  I wanted to contain it, and spirit said no.  So I merged with the fire and understood why it was happening and how important that cleansing was to that area (to the many areas being purified by fire.)  The guardians of this landscape assured me, my home was safe.  They also assured me that by the time we had our gathering in July, the rains would be plentiful to moisten our adventures (without fire worries.)  Sure enough, it has rained every single day since the day after I got back.  I even heard they may reopen the national forest here this week.

We are now engulfed in the winds of change from our soul, flow, fly, enjoy the ride into your next great adventure FREELY!!

With so much love and honor and intense joy to ALL!!

((((HUGZ)))) of freedom within the Light!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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