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Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 334 – 10 July 2013

aishanorthYou are tired and perhaps more than a little flustered we gather, as you have all been through a rather intense few days. Let us just give you all a little heads up as to what went down on Sunday during the Gathering, as we think you will all find some comfort in knowing that the energies you provided to the rest of humanity will be very much welcome indeed. For you have all been working so hard on behalf of us all, and as we mentioned, what you help bring down to Earth is something that will be of immense importance not just to all persons residing there, but also to All of Creation. We know this might elicit some frowns of disbelief, but as the old saying goes as above, so below, and indeed vice versa. For nothing that exists anywhere in this universe and beyond exists as a solitary island, and even if you many times will feel like you are stranded on a small orb slowly drifting out there in the pitch black darkness of space, you are not lost or alone no matter how lonesome you will feel at times. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece : Troika Sequel To Die Hard : Die Harder – 10 July 2013

heinekenAusterity becomes, finally, all Greek to the Greeks. Only Troika can do this, because it depresses the hearts other tears cannot reach.

(with heartfelt homage to the CDP Heineken campaign) Continue reading

CommonDreams – Abby Zimet – Bulletproof Security: Mining Company Hires Paramilitary Commandos to Guard Their Precious Equipment, Wisconsin Is Unhappy

In response to protests against test drilling for a controversial proposed $1.5 billion open-pit iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin by Gogebic Taconite, the mining company has hired masked, camouflaged, assault-rifle-toting guards from a self-described “no compromise” security force that boasts of “rigorous tactical firearms training” and “professional operators” who combine “logistics with tactical support” to “instinctively and smoothly manage surrounding threats.”  Thanks to the mindless Rambo-ing up, the “surrounding threats” are now mostly the once-peaceable, now-pissed residents who, in a letter from Democratic legislators, blast the company’s “confrontational and incendiary step that will clearly do more to intimidate local citizens and increase local tensions than it will to make you, your staff, or your equipment any safer.” Continue reading

Vaccination : Japan Health Authorities Withdraw Recommendation To Vaccinate – 10 July 2013

vacDr. Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD. with  help from her team at the Neural Dynamics Research Group in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of British Colombia, published a paper outlining  interesting research regarding the efficacy of the Gardasil vaccines.(1) This is one of many proofs against the efficiency and effectiveness of the Gardasil vaccination, one said to protect girls against cervical cancer and HPV infection. Continue reading

Russian Inquiry To UN : Rebels, Not Army, Behind Syria Aleppo Sarin Attack – 10 July 2013

In this image made available by the Syrian News Agency on March 19, 2013, medics check a woman at a hospital in the Khan al-Assal region in the northern Aleppo province, as  Syria's government accused rebel forces of using chemical weapons (AFP Photo / SANA)In this image made available by the Syrian News Agency on March 19, 2013, medics check a woman at a hospital in the Khan al-Assal region in the northern Aleppo province, as Syria’s government accused rebel forces of using chemical weapons (AFP Photo / SANA) Continue reading

I UV – We Are All In A New Landscape: Conversations In The Raw – A Roundtable Discussion – 10 July 2013

4-WAY-T-J-H-B-CinRawWe Are All in A New Landscape: Conversations in the Raw – a Roundtable Discussion

The expansion of the One People’s consciousness since the beginning of 2013 has been remarkable. Events unfolding to reconcile dark energy while shining light on our essence are manifesting at a faster and faster pace. Perhaps this accelerated awakening stems from synchroncity or the idea that because our experiences are now occurring with shared meaning and purpose, expansion is assured. This idea and more are part of another raw roundtable discussion with BZ Riger, Holly Tucker and James McManis. Join them as they welcome Trevor Osborne into the conversation and talk about the new landscape we are now witnessing. Continue reading

Ubuntu – South African Reserve Bank Was Served – 10 July 2013

UbuntuThe March Against The Banks Memorandum – was successfully delivered to the office of Gill Marcus – Governor of the South African Reserve Bank AND Rene van Wyk – the Registrar Of Banks in South Africa today, 8th July 2013. The content of the memorandum is below – please study it and share it. Continue reading

HuffingtonPost – Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban: Lawsuit – 10 July 2013

florida banned computers

Rick Scott (Photo) reportedly called the ban, “the right thing to do for our state.”

When Florida lawmakers recently voted to ban all Internet cafes, they worded the bill so poorly that they effectively outlawed every computer in the state, according to a recent lawsuit. Continue reading

Can We All Co-Imagineer Our Onederfull New Freeality – 10 July 2013

What is our focus? Lets all leave the old paradigm behind where it belongs in the memory bank! Leave all the roles of the experiment behind, send LOVE out to ALL eternal HEARTS as we all remember we are all *ONE* We are ALL Eternal Essence Embodied! We are all very LOVING aspects of SOURCE. We are SOURCE. Source knows no anger, fear, hate etc. We are LOVE!! Let everything go & allow things to fall into place. We all have the same goal!! Co-creating our new HEAVEN ON EARTH!  Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – A Marvelous Clarity Is Developing In Your Minds – 10 July 2013

john-blog-pics-0135This is an absolutely amazing moment in humanity’s evolving collective consciousness as it moves ever more into alignment with that of our Father.  It has been divinely planned and intended since the point at which you apparently went into the illusion to separate yourselves from God and attempt to live without His loving guidance and support.  That was not possible, but you were able to pretend that you had separated yourselves from Him, and then build an environment from which Love was excluded.  In truth It could only be hidden – It could not be excluded because there is nothing else – and only for as long as the vast majority of you wanted It to remain hidden.  Now the collective has changed its mind and is choosing to remove the imaginary veil which has kept Love hidden from you.  As the veil is rolled back, letting in the Light, a marvelous clarity is developing in your minds as you recognize the insanity of so many of your long-accepted and basically traditional common attitudes and behaviors which encouraged mistrust, division, and conflict, and that you now realize were utterly unnecessary and extremely damaging for you all. Continue reading