CLN – Does Edward Snowden Bring Credibility To UFO Whistleblower Edgar Mitchell? – 11 July 2013 Eric Draven | ALTHeadlines)

How come in a time, where at every turn, there seems to be a whistleblower peeling away layers of secrecy from the government and their patterns for covering up important information that we still only hear about the whistle blowing the mainstream media wants us to hear about? Of course the credibility of the whistle blower is always brought into question, but what happens when the news leak is extremely credible, and it’s still brushed under the rug?

Appearing live via phone on Fox news, Dr. Edgar Mitchell ScD a former astronaut with the Apollo program and the sixth man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission, blew the whistle that alien extraterrestrials do exist and that the government has been covering up this information for over 60 years. Now at 82 years old, Dr. Edgar Mitchell has been vocal about this issue as well as UFOs for quite a few years and the need to end government secrecy on this often mass media discredited topic.

Credible Whistleblowers in Every Topic Should Be Heard

While the mainstream media presstitutes simply laugh and have fun with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, not taking him too seriously, he brings up an interesting point. Men and women as they get older, often have the freedom to be able to reveal their secrets before they pass without the usual fear of losing their job, careers or worse.

For the past 60 years, the topic of UFOs and aliens has been heavily criticized and discredited by the media with propaganda labels such as “UFO conspiracy nut jobs” and many other countless discrediting terms. However, what happens when credible people from NASA, who are no longer afraid of the repercussions of disclosing sensitive secrets the Government has forced them to keep quiet about, begin to lose this fear as they near their final days?

Here’s one challenge Dr. Mitchell has; because of the decades of discrediting the Alien/UFO information community, most people can more easily believe the NSA whistleblower however have a hard time believing someone in the UFO arena regardless of his level of credibility.

However, the Edward Snowden current disclosures on NSA spying and intrusive surveillance cover-ups and secrecy offer a pretty interesting opportunity. If the government so clearly has been hiding information from American’s and the global community, while at the same time the public level of trust in the government is at an all time low, will this allow us to be more open minded about what other sensitive information they might be suppressing?

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