Damon Lane – What A Weird Pattern – Storms Move In From Odd Direction – 12 July 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY —I love the weather. It’s fun trying to predict Mother Nature and all she throws at us. Sometimes we’re right and maybe once in a Blue Moon we’re wrong (Ha!). I’ve seen a lot of things happen with the weather. And while some of the time it can be crazy, I’m usually not surprised by all that Mother Nature can throw at us.

But next week’s weather pattern may be one of the weirdest things I have seen in a very long time. Weirder than the cold April or the Christmas Eve blizzard of ’09. Weirder than the Super Moon and weirder than when they came out with Crystal Pepsi. (Remember that?)

Here in Oklahoma we tend to watch about 99.9% of our weather patterns move from the west to the east. With the exception of Southern Florida, much of America watches their weather move in from the west. We call these winds that move in this direction “westerlies”.

If you have ever watched tropical storm/hurricane activity that develops in The Atlantic, then in most cases we watch the storms move from the east to the west, approach South Florida(or somewhere near there) and then move up the coast and turn east back out into the ocean.

But next week we are going to see something weird happen. Check this out.

A storm system will move from The Ohio Valley west, that’s right WEST across America toward Oklahoma. It is very rare to see a storm move across this part of the world from the east to the west. And usually when a storm does move in this direction it moves very slowly.

But not next week! Not only are we going to watch a storm move from the east to the west, which usually happens in the tropics (Tropic of Cancer and south), but we’re also going to watch this storm move at a speed that would be considered fast!

So how is this happening?  Here’s a quick breakdown: This storm system will move across Canada from the west to the east. Which is the typical direction. It will then break off from the flow, high pressure will develop quickly along The East Coast and it will get pushed to the west as the high pressure ridge builds. It will then get picked back up in the west to east flow and move east. Which means some areas may be impacted by the same storm TWICE!

Weird right?

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